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STEM Day Planned

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) related career opportunities are among the fastest growing of all occupational sectors. To assist in promoting interest among students in grades 7-9 pursuing careers in STEM fields, Dakota College at Bottineau along with North Central Education Consortium (NCEC), are hosting STEM Day at Dakota College March 14, 2022.  

This is an ideal time for adolescents and pre-adolescents to start considering careers.  The hands-on projects will empower students to use practices to excite and interest them in STEM careers. 

Students will learn about coding, robotics, circuits, water treatment, veterinarian science, plant cloning, anatomy, math, exploring space with virtual reality, wind energy, nursing, forensics and electronics. Professionals from different STEM related fields will be present at each station where they will be speaking about their career and then directing hands-on projects. This allows the students to explore and discover content across various areas of STEM in a way that engages their imagination and their creative thinking. 

Over 300 students have registered to attend the event from schools at Bottineau, St. John, Drake, Velva, Newburg, Ojibwa, Rugby, Westhope, Dunseith Day, Towner, Granville.

“We are excited about providing an opportunity for students to solve simulated real-world problems and explore with tools, systems and technology that can grow into a STEM career.” says Angie Bartholomay, Associate Science Professor at Dakota College. Each student will attend five sessions from the project stations.  This will familiarize them with different STEM fields.