Admission FAQ's

When is the application deadline?
Dakota College at Bottineau accepts applications on a rolling basis without a deadline. Admission files must be completed by enrollment deadlines to ensure class registration.

What does it cost to apply?
There is a nonrefundable application fee of $35 to apply for admission to Dakota College at Bottineau.

What do I need to include with my application?
To complete your enrollment file, you will need to submit your official high school transcripts, college transcripts if you are a transfer student, test scores and immunization records. Check out our  Apply for Admission page  for more information.

Does Dakota College at Bottineau require a minimum high school GPA or ACT score to be accepted?
No, Dakota College at Bottineau is an open-enrollment institution therefore applicants who have graduated from high school or completed the General Education Development (GED) examination are generally accepted. We do require you to submit your ACT/SAT scores for math and English placement, advising and research purposes if you have taken one of these exams. Your scores are not used to determine your acceptance to Dakota College at Bottineau.

What if I have not taken the ACT by the time college begins?

If you have not taken the ACT by the time college begins, you will be required to take an AccuPlacer placement test for math and English. This helps us determine your skill level in the areas of math and English so that you are enrolled in the course that matches your ability.

I have my GED, can I still apply?

How much does it cost to attend Dakota College at Bottineau?
The following  chart  breaks down the costs of attending Dakota College at Bottineau for the most recent academic year.

What kind of financial assistance is there?
Many of our students qualify for federal and state grants and loans. The first step in determining what type of assistance you qualify for is to visit  We also offer academic scholarships. Information is  available here.

I am a Canadian/International student. Is there anything besides my application that I must submit?
Yes, there are additional requirements for Canadian and other international students. The International application process involves a bit of extra paperwork, but it's simple and straightforward. You can find all the information and resources you need on the  International Students page