Thatcher Hall Tour


Thatcher Hall First Floor


Dean's Office


The Dean’s Office is where you will find the Campus Dean who oversees the administrative functions of Dakota College.


Business Office


The Business Office is available for students to pick up packages, get a parking pass, or pay any fines and fees.




The gymnasium, also known as the Woodshed, is home to the Lumberjack Basketball and Ladyjack Basketball and Volleyball teams.


Student Services


The Student Services Office is where admissions, financial aid, and the registrar’s offices can be found.




The Bookstore is open for students to pick up books, classroom supplies or buy Jacks wear, grab a coffee or a light lunch.




DCB’s Library is not only the home of books and online resources but houses Disability Support Services, Math Labs, Writing Center, and study rooms.


Academic Center for Excellence


The Academic Center for Excellence provides students with academic and supportive services to help achieve academic goals for a quality education in a caring environment.

This office also houses services provided at a distance; Online, Dual Credit, Leading to Education and Advanced Preparation (LEAP)




This is a typical classroom with IVN accessibility.  Class sizes are 16-1 which provides a more personalized education.


Locker Rooms

Mens Locker RoomWomens Locker Room

Men’s and Women’s Locker rooms are available adjacent to the gym and Fitness Center. A sauna is housed between the two locker rooms.


Counseling Services


Students may receive counseling services in person, through video chat or phone sessions.


Trainer's Office


Student-athletes may receive treatment and rehabilitation in the Athletic Trainer’s Office.


Racquet Ball Court


The racquetball court is available to students, faculty or staff at no cost. Community members can use the racquetball court by purchasing a Community Fitness Pass.


Cardio Room

Cardio room

The cardio room has treadmills, bikes, rowing machines to be used at no cost to students, faculty or staff. Community members can use the cardio room by purchasing a Community Fitness Pass.


Team Room

Team Room


Weight Room


The weight room has a variety of free weights and machines to be used at no cost to students, faculty or staff. Community members can use the weight room by purchasing a Community Fitness Pass.

Thatcher Hall Second Floor


Computer Labs

Computer Lab

Classrooms are set up for hands-on student learning.


Computer Services - IT

Information Technology Room

Your local IT helpdesk. If you need help with installing software, removing malware, fixing your broken computer, or resetting a password for your student account; you will want to stop here.


Foundation Office

Foundation Office

This office houses the Foundation, Logrollers and Alumni Association of Dakota College.  They are responsible to support student financial opportunities through Scholarships.


Nursing Classrooms

Nursing Classroom

Hands-on skills are practiced in the Nursing Classrooms through simulation labs.


Alumni Center - McMaster & Holmberg


This is the largest meeting room on campus used for large gatherings up to 100.