Institutional Effectiveness

DCB works to ensure that service and functional areas around the college are reaching identified standards and goals.  The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) helps departments around campus develop planning forms which clearly identify goals and steps towards completion of goals, hears monthly reports from these groups, aids in connecting campus departments with appropriate resources to achieve goals, and submits an end of academic year report regarding department success towards reaching goals.  Not all service/functional areas at DCB report to the IEC.  Reporting groups are selected based on relevance to the DCB Strategic Plan, as well as any audit findings that may exist. 


Lexi Kvasnicka-Gates
Institutional Effectiveness Committee Chair



Committee Membership

The IEC is comprised of the following DCB campus members: HLC Coordinator, Director of Academic and Co-Curricular Assessment, Athletic Director, Director of Distance Education/Academic Student Support Services, Business Manager, Financial Aid Director, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Housing Complex Director, Librarian, Faculty Senate President, Staff Senate President, and Student Senate President.



Reporting Schedule