Prior Learning

Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) has developed a policy for the evaluation and awarding of college credit for prior learning experiences. DCB recognizes that college-level learning takes place out of the college classroom that is relevant to DCB degree programs. Adult learners employed in current industry generally have educational needs that differ from those of traditional college students who enter directly from high school. DCB’s prior learning assessment philosophy is a reflection of its mission, “Providing a personalized education by focusing on nature, technology, and beyond…”  The preparation of students academically, personally, and professionally for successful careers is the central focus of Prior Learning Assessment.

Dakota College at Bottineau provides students with the opportunity to earn credit by demonstrating college-level knowledge. The procedures relative to the evaluation and awarding of Prior Learning Credit (PLC) ensure that college-level, degree-applicable experiences are awarded credit appropriately and consistently. The methods used to evaluate this knowledge are: standardized assessment, professional training & certifications, military training transcripts, and an experiential learning portfolio. 


Program Requirements

  1. Students must be admitted to Dakota College at Bottineau, enrolled in program of study, and meet the residency requirements for graduation (15 credits or more taken at Dakota College at Bottineau).
  2. Prior learning credit may be recorded on the DCB transcript during the term in which the residency requirement is fulfilled or in a subsequent term.
  3. Prior learning and/or knowledge must be equivalent to college-level courses.
  4. Prior learning credits do not count towards the 15-credit residency requirement.
  5.  A maximum of 30 prior learning credits may be applied towards an AA, AS, or AAS degree. A maximum of 50% of diploma and certificate credits can be prior learning credits.
  6. CCLEP and military credits will not be used to calculate grade point average.
  7. Duplicate credit will not be awarded for overlapping coursework.


Prior Learning Procedure

The following is a summary of the Prior Learning Policies and Procedures document. Students who possess prior learning experiences and want to apply for prior learning credit should read the policies document.

  1. Student consults the Prior Learning Facilitator regarding prior learning options and selects an assessment method (call 1-800-542-6866).
    1. CLEP Exams
    2. Military Transcripts
    3. Professional Certificate Evaluation
    4. Experiential Learning Portfolio
  2. Student signs and submits the Prior Learning Application to initiate the process.
  3. Student’s advisor will verify the student’s program of study, progress in fulfilling residency requirements for graduation, and candidacy for prior learning assessment.
  4. Student completes the steps to earn prior learning credits based on assessment method selected and pays related fees.
  5. The Prior Learning Facilitator coordinates the evaluation materials that document prior learning knowledge commensurate with college-level coursework, secures appropriate signatures, and submits the application and supporting evidence to the registrar’s office.
  6. The Registrar records the grade. In cases for which S/U grading is used, prior learning credit is not calculated into the student’s GPA (grade point average). The student must earn a 2.0 GPA or higher on remaining coursework to graduate.

To learning more about prior learning credit at DCB, contact the Prior Learning Facilitator by calling toll-free 1-800-542-6866.

Prior Learning Policies & Procedures


Prior Learning Application

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