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Classes are taught by DCB faculty and highlight their expertise on a variety of topics. Please contact us if you are interested in having one of our faculty members as a guest speaker. This program is offered to you free of charge.
Most sessions available virtually or in-person.

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GustafsonBridget.jpgHow Do I Get Started?
Looking at higher education options can be overwhelming. Dakota College Admissions and Financial Aid representatives are here to help you.  Whether it’s trying to find the right fit or how to pay for an investment in your career, Dakota College can provide a pathway to success.  
Instructor: Bridget Gustafson





RybchinskiTravis.jpgTeam Building
The following will be covered in this discussion: Understanding and accepting your role in making the team as successful as possible; Putting team goals ahead of individual goals; Respecting, but not fearing, the opponent.
Instructor: Travis Rybchinski

Dynamic Training
The objective of dynamic training is to keep the participant in constant motion while putting muscles and joints through a preparatory range of motion prior to participating in a physical activity.
Instructor: Travis Rybchinski


LexiKvasnicka-Gates.pngBody Image and Dissatisfaction
This presentation focuses on current media body ideals, experiences of body dissatisfaction, and psychological theory that helps us understand and explain our society’s growing obsession with the “perfect” body. We will also look into the current body-positivity movement.
Instructor: Dr. Lexi Kvasnicka-Gates



Exercising, Training, and Fueling: Working With Your Menstrual Cycle

RyggCarolyn.pngThis presentation focuses on exercising, training, and nutritional fueling throughout the menstrual cycle. As women cycle through the four phases of the menstrual cycle (menstrual, follicular, ovulation, and luteal) the body needs (and is capable of ) different things. Athletic Trainer, Carolyn Rygg, and Health Psychologist, Dr. Lexi Kvasnicka- Gates, will cover basic information regarding the phases of the menstrual cycle, as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of your body during each phase. This presentation is perfect for sports teams, or anyone who knows someone with a menstrual cycle.

Instructors: Carolyn Rygg and Dr. Lexi Kvasnicka-Gates

Photography & Arts

SaundersClint.jpgSix Steps to Better Photography
This is an interactive lecture in which students participate by taking photos with their  cell phones during the lecture, and sending them to me for live critiques.
Instructor: Clint Saunders

Truth, Lies and 1/60th of a Second
This is a lecture about finding truth in photos and photogournalism.  Students participate via an open discussion throughout the presentation.
Instructor: Clint Saunders

What is art?
This is an interactive discussion in which students discuss what art is. We travel back in time to the studio of Marcel Duchamp and discuss his most influential piece, "The Fountain." We also discuss pursuing your passion and careers in art.
Instructor: Clint Saunders

Careers in Art
This presentation discusses my personal journey and a few other stories of people who pursued careers in art and followed their passion.
Instructor: Clint Saunders

Nature & The Environment

Career exploration, hands on technical skills, customized training, and the development and practice of leadership and soft skills are all building blocks in preparing our youth for successful performance in a globally competitive workplace. DCB offers four outreach programs that can be used to supplement what the students are already learning in their Ag classroom. The programs can also be tailored to what subjects, skills level, and hands-on experiences you as a teacher would like to see taught and discussed with your students. Each program is created to include curriculum that covers various educational standards and topics found in the North Dakota Agricultural Education Content Standards.
Instructors: Keith Knudson

Hemp Production in North Dakota
“Industrial hemp is Cannabis sativa which has no more than 0.3% THC and is used in a multitude of consumer products,KnudsonKeith.jpg ranging from fiber and oil to medicinal products. The presentation will focus on the many uses of hemp, production practices and state and federal rules and regulations”

Specialty Crops Production
Develop knowledge and skills to grow and manage specialty crops. Specialty crops include vegetable, fruit and flower production. The students spend most of their time learning the basics of specialty crop production including the what, where, when and the how to of growing specific crops.

Introduction to Aquaponics
An overview of aquaponics and its history, five different plant growth subsystems, fish and plant species, fish and plant health, and environment control methods. Summarizes the use of hydroponic and aquaponics systems for plant production.

NiesavSherry.jpgHabitats of North Dakota
Explore the five North Dakota habitats (Prairie, Badlands, Riparian, Wetlands, and Woodlands) and also learn about their location, flora, wildlife and threats found in each habitat. This can be an interactive classroom presentation for students K – 12 or an adult presentation.
Instructor: Sherry Niesar



Drones (sUAS) and MeLindaBurbidge.png

Small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), or drones are gaining popularity worldwide. Many people enjoy using these aircraft as hobbyists, but what type of drone should you buy? Where is it safe to fly? Do I need a license? Explore various uses for drones, safe flight practices, and information on the best types of drones for beginners. This lecture can be interactive with drones or it can be given virtually.
Instructor:  Dr. Linda Burbidge

Career & Technical Education

OTooleKayla.jpgLEAP — Leading to Advanced Education and Preparation
Get an early start on your college education. LEAP allows high school students to earn a college certificate alongside their high school diploma. Find out how college credit in high school courses can save time and money while earning 24 general education college credits while in high school from DCB.
Instructor: Kayla O’Toole

Science & Math

JohnsonScott.jpgConquering Math Anxiety
Do you know students who considered taking a math class and then decided not to enroll because of their fear of this subject? This presentation will provide strategies to overcome Math Anxiety.
Instructor: Scott Johnson



Project WET
This program is a collection of fun hands on water-related activities. Each presentation will be tailored to meet the needs of the group. Grad credit BartholomayAngela.jpgclasses also available to teachers and informal educators.
Instructor: Angie Batholomay

Chemistry in Action
This presentation features fun and exciting chemistry demonstrations. Each presentation will be tailored to meet the needs of the group. The activities can be used for students in grades 5 – 12.
Instructor: Angie Batholomay