Degree Planning Worksheets

When it comes to planning for your degree, it can get a bit tricky. You can make sure you are completing the correct coursework with the help of these Degree Planning Worksheets.  These worksheets are designed to be used in conjunction with the DCB Catalog to make degree planning as easy as possible.

There are four worksheets available for download, depending on your degree choice:
Associate of Applied Science (Two-year Career/Technical degrees)
Associate of Arts (two-year transfer degree)
Associate of Science (two-year transfer degree)
Certificate of College Studies (one-year transfer degree)

Unsure of which degree you are seeking?
Check out the DCB catalog (PDF pages 55-102) to figure out which degree you are seeking. If there is an AAS behind your program title, then you are enrolled in an Associate of Applied Science degree. If there is an AA behind your program, then you are enrolled in an Associate of Arts degree. If there is an AS behind your program, then you are enrolled in an Associate of Science degree.

Use the worksheets and catalog together!
You need to be cross-referencing your Worksheet with the DCB catalog to make sure you are taking the appropriate classes required for your program. Many times, degrees require generic courses in specific categories, but your program area will call for specific coursework.

For example: An Associate of Science degree requires students to take two science courses and that will be reflected on the AS Degree Planning Worksheet. But if you are enrolled in the AS degree for Chemistry, you will need to be taking specific chemistry courses required by the degree such as General Chemistry I and II and Organic Chemistry I and II. Make sure you are taking the required courses for your program.