Dakota College at Bottineau is student-focused and community centered. We value: Integrity, Engagement, Inclusion and Passion.


Dakota College at Bottineau provides a quality education in a caring environment.


Dakota College at Bottineau adapts to the changing educational landscape to empower students and impact communities.

Dakota College at Bottineau has been around almost as long as North Dakota itself. The state constitution, ratified in 1889, provided for a forestry school to help promote the growth of trees on the prairies. We opened our doors in 1906 as the North Dakota School of Forestry.

A lot has changed since then, including our name and mission. But we're still here to cultivate growth. Of course, "growth" doesn't mean exactly the same thing in the 21st century that it did in the 19th. While our natural resource programs remain among the best in the upper Midwest, we also offer degrees in fields such as health care, web design, and information technology along with a strong liberal arts program.  And we have one of the most robust distance-learning programs in the state.

North Dakota's landscape has changed a lot since 1889, both physically and culturally. Our graduates helped bring about those changes. And Dakota College at Bottineau has changed, too --- so that we can prepare today's students to build the landscapes of the future.

DCB Implementation Plan

DCB Strategic Plan

A member of the North Dakota University System


Dakota College at Bottineau is one of eleven colleges and universities in the North Dakota University System. As a member of the North Dakota University System, it is governed by the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education.

An affiliation with Minot State University

Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) is an affiliate campus with Minot State University (MSU). As such, it is administratively attached to its parent institution. The University President oversees operations at both sites and is located in Minot, ND. The Chief Executive Officer at DCB is the Campus Dean.

Collaboratively, DCB and MSU offer seven one and two-year Career and Technical Programs in Minot. Facilities, technology, and faculty are shared so that these majors can be extended to the Minot region. In addition, DCB has articulation agreements with MSU that enable students to make a seamless transition between the two schools, if they choose to earn a Bachelor’s degree from MSU.

Dakota College and Minot State have been cooperating since 1996 to bring quality education programming to north central North Dakota. Both higher learning institutions belong to the eleven member North Dakota University System.