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You'll live in fancier housing someday, but you'll never have more fun than you do here. Some of the friendships you make in the Dakota College at Bottineau residence halls will last forever; so will the memories. You'll live close to the classrooms, the library, the gym, and the dining hall, making it easy to get immersed in the life of the campus.

And best of all, every room is equipped with cable TV and an internet connection. Do you really need anything else?

  • Each room in Gross, Milligan and Mead Hall contains desks, closets/drawers, beds and chairs.
  • Rooms are equipped with cable TV & internet access.
  • All residence hall students are on food service contract, i.e., 15 or 19 meals Monday through Sunday. 
  • Each hall has laundry facilities.
  • Mail is delivered to each room around noon of each weekday.
  • A parking lot is adjacent to each residence hall.

Requests for residence halls and roommates are honored on a first-come, first-served basis. Housing assignments are completed in July for the fall semester & in early January for the spring semester.

Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend will be held August 20th to 22nd, 2021. New students move into housing Friday, August 20th between 8am and 4pm. Returning students move into housing Saturday and/or Sunday between 8am and 4pm. To make other arrangements please contact Bridget Gustafson.

You can find the schedule for the weekend on the Welcome Weekend page.

Housing Application


Apply for admissions and submit the $35 admission fee.
Click here  if you have not yet applied for admission.


Please complete the form below to begin the housing application process. When the form has been submitted, you will receive an email with information on how to complete the background check, a request for immunization records, and a roommate survey form.


Complete the background check, and roommate survey and submit the necessary immunization records and $50 housing contract fee.

Please make your dorm selection. Your preference will be taken into consideration, although cannot be guaranteed.

If you have a roommate preference, please add their information below. We recommend that both roommates contact the Housing Director.

Dakota College at Bottineau has two different dining plans for you to choose from. Please make your selection below.

Please note any health or medical conditions we need to be aware of as well as food, or environmental allergies. This will assist in providing the best service that is needed for you to succeed and in selecting the best possible roommate.

Please follow this link to read the entire contract before signing below

2021 Housing Contract PDF

This license agreement may be terminated by Dakota College at Bottineau if you violate any of the residence hall rules or regulations or engage in other conduct which justifies your removal from the residence halls for the best interest of other residents and residence hall management. Termination may also result from nonpayment of room and board fees or from violating your housing eligibility status.

By signing this agreement, I understand that Dakota College at Bottineau may consolidate or move residents into specific wings, floors, or halls within the system if occupancy in a residence hall or the residence hall is less than 100%. This means that initial hall assignments as received may be changed if occupancy in any or all of the residence halls is not at maximum capacity.

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All communications will be via email

Housing assignments will be emailed beginning of mid-July for fall semester applicants, mid-December for spring semester applicants.

No student will be allowed to stay in the residence halls without completing the entire housing application process.

For More Information

Bridget Gustafson
Director of Student Life & Admissions Counselor

Mark LaCroix
Head Resident & Housing Operations