Faculty and Staff

Dakota College at Bottineau students experience strong supportive relationships with our dedicated faculty and staff.  Our open door policy provides students with easy access to faculty and staff offices where they find the assistance that they need.

Our faculty love being in the classroom, but they also love being out in the field. Most of them are working professionals in addition to teachers, so they can offer a practical perspective. They won't just teach from a book; they prepare students for a career, and for a life beyond the campus.

Campus Connection Admin Portals

Human Resources

Request time off and view your paycheck with this link.

Expense WorkCenter

Fill out a Travel Expense Report with this link.


Compliance and Ethics

Fraud Hotline
Anonymous reporting of fraudulent or wrongful behavior through Eide Bailly Consultants:

1-866-91-ALERT (1-866-912-5378) or at the Anonymous Online Fraud Hotline