Dakota College at Bottineau strives to create a campus community free from interpersonal abuse including sexual misconduct.  In working to achieve this intent, Dakota College commits to:

  • Taking action to stop sexual misconduct;
  • Taking action to remedy its effects by providing support and appropriate referral services for recipients of the behavior;
  • Taking action to prevent recurrences;
  • Educating individuals and promoting discussions on interpersonal abuse and violence; and
  • Conducting impartial investigation of all reports/notices of sexual misconduct through fair, equitable and prompt procedures.  Investigations will be independent of and separate from law enforcement investigations of criminal activity.


Behavior Intervention Team (BIT)

North Dakota University System (NDUS) procedures mandate that each campus have a Behavior Intervention Team (BIT). A BIT is defined as follows:

A multi-disciplinary group whose purpose is meeting regularly to support its target audience (i.e. students, employees, faculty, and staff) via an established protocol. A BIT is designed to be engaged in the early intervention and support that prevents a behavioral concern from rising to the level of a threat or crisis.