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Spring Semester Busy for the Horticulture Department

Keith & Josh G..jpgMay is always a busy month for the city of Bottineau, and it is no different for the Horticulture Department at Dakota College. Not only are they getting ready for graduation, but they are also finishing the semester, getting ready for their annual plant sale, and hiring summer workers while managing the greenhouse and campus high tunnels and gardens. This last semester was one for the history books. There was a record number of snow days where classes were canceled due to the weather. There was also a damaging storm that swept through the state in April and damaged all of the high tunnels on campus as well as some trees.

Joshua Goodman, Poway, California, and Keith Knudson

The Horticulture program had two graduates this spring with a very busy semester as they were preparing for the campus gardens, city flower planters, and the annual plant sale. The Greenhouse Manager position has become vacant so the practicum students became involved in seeding and propagating plants. According to Keith Knudson, head of the Horticulture Department, “it gives them the knowledge and skills they will need when they begin their careers.” The Horticulture program’s biggest challenge was and still is filling key positions. The Greenhouse Manager position is not presently filled and this position is vital in the program because this individual works directly with students to assist in developing necessary skills for their future careers. Hopefully, next year will bring some brighter days for the students, staff, and faculty. A new year brings new students. With some students returning, they will be able to talk about their experiences at Dakota College and encourage juniors and seniors at surrounding high schools to consider Dakota College for their higher education experience.

Keith & Eric H..jpgIn addition, the Agriculture program finished its second year of offering 12-week classes with seven graduates this spring. The classes are designed to be 12-weeks allowing students to start internships in early spring, “many ag jobs want people to start in the early spring {and} many students have taken advantage of this” states Linda Burbidge, Agriculture Instructor, and Advisor at Dakota College. With every school year comes new challenges. For the Agriculture program, the weather was a big challenge. Not only did students miss class time, but they also had difficulty finding a good day to fly drones forcing them to schedule time outside of their normal classes.

Eric Hildebrand, Brandon, Manitoba, and Keith Knudson

While students may be away for the summer, Dakota College is still busy getting ready for the next school year. The Greenhouse is busy planting around campus and providing planters for the City of Bottineau. Hemp trials will be taking place on Dakota College’s campus. Linda will be working on developing materials for the new World Food Crops lab. She is also attending a conference in Salt Lake City that will provide information and guidance on expanding and developing more curricula for the drone courses.

InkedLinda & Ag. Students _ Marked.jpg

Linda & Ag Students,  left to right: Adam Handeland - Bottineau, Joben Smith - Foxwarren, Manitoba, Ryan Patterson - Boissevain, Manitoba, Zach Veitch - Rivers, Manitoba, Robert “Jesse” Skelton – Hartney, Manitoba, Dale Kjorstad – Williston, Payton Wilhelm – Bottineau