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Nurse Instructor Receives Master’s Degree

Dakota College at Bottineau is proud to share its nurse instructor’s academic achievement. Though a hectic personal schedule and busy lifestyle created balancing challenges, Paige Baade persevered in nurse educator school with honors.

Paige understood upon enrollment in a virtual learning environment that completing her master’s degree required devoted time and personal commitment. In December 2019, Paige successfully completed her Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Education, completing a meaningful capstone project for nursing education. “Balancing full-time employment, my family that includes two children and full-time education course load was the most challenging part of obtaining my master’s degree,” stated Paige.

Dakota College at Bottineau has a nursing program on the Valley City State University Campus, where Paige is a full-time instructor. Dawn Romfo, Nurse Program Director, appreciates Paige’s continued commitment and dedication to her Associate Degree nursing students. “Paige is a great asset to the Dakota College at Bottineau-Valley City State University Campus Associate Degree Nursing Program. She has been very monumental in helping the Dakota College at Bottineau; Valley City Associate Degree nursing students work hard toward achieving their goal of becoming registered nurses. She comes in and stays late to help them prepare for lab, tests, and at clinicals.” states Romfo.

Not only did Paige obtain her master’s degree from Presentation College, SD, but she also graduated with a grade point average of 3.92. Paige was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing – Rho Xi Chapter 420. The Honor Society promotes and recognizes academic excellence, leadership abilities, and scholarliness in nursing. Eligible students have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and rank within the upper 35 percent of fourth-level students or the top 20 percent of third-level nursing students.

Dr. Betty Leslie Beimel (Ph.D., RN, CNE) instructor at Presentation College identifies Paige as someone who knows while she was a BSN student that she absolutely wanted to teach nursing. She was one of the very few graduate students Dr. Beimel worked with who had a complete resolve from the onset and an undeniable passion for teaching. Dr. Beimel shares, “While Paige was a graduate MSN Nursing Education student, it was clear in every discussion, assignment, and interaction with her that she absolutely loves her students and is completely committed to them and to developing them into professionals.”