News Releases

Leadership Changes at DCB




Student success is at the core of Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) and administration at the institution reflects that vision. Leadership responsibilities have been realigned recently to highlight both classroom learning and student development.

Fall of 2022, Kayla O’Toole accepted the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs position. Her emphasis on quality programs during this past year has been vital to the college. DCB is happy to announce that Kayla is joined by Corey Gorder, appointed the Associate Dean for Student Services. As the former lead mental health counselor and Athletic Director, Corey excels at building strong, purposeful relationships with colleagues and students. As the Associate Dean for Student Services, Gorder is tasked with consolidating and elevating student support and development, while continuing to guide athletics and counseling. His responsibilities include admissions, advising, athletics, conduct, counseling, disability support, health services, housing, library services, recruiting, student life, and tutoring.

Campus Dean, Dr. Carmen Simone, has focused on creating a strong team environment at DCB for the continued benefit of students. Learning is essential for students who come to the college to attain knowledge and skills in their chosen program of study. Dr. Simone’s goal is to live the mission of the college, which is “to provide a quality education in a caring environment.” Kayla and Corey are just as committed to that ideal. They are working together to create the best possible environment for learning – both inside and outside the classroom.