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Greenhouse Volunteers Assist With Planting Flowers


Dakota College at Bottineau has a beautiful campus and there are many individuals who assist with the landscaping. On March 24th, a group of volunteers from the Bottineau area came into the Greenhouse to assist in transferring plugs from their trays to single cells. Plugs are known as young plants that are grown in large quantities that started from a small seed or cutting. These plugs were ordered from Mast Young Plants who are located in Michigan. Some of these plants include Canna Cannova Yellow, Ipomoea Marguerite, Ipomoea Blackie, Ipomoea Sidekick Heart Bronze, Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass, Italian Oregano, Spike Dracaena Indivisa, Bosa Nova Night Fever Papaya, Juncus Effusus Spiralis, and Vinca High Color. These flowers are planted around the Dakota College campus and throughout Bottineau in the big city planters. Not only did these volunteers transfer the plants to the single cells but they also assisted in potting soil and labeling the plants.

The volunteers are Joan Mortenson (not pictured), Tim Davis, Lynn Nero, Bobbi Aus, Donna Porter, and Kathleen Grosz (not pictured). This group of individuals have been friends for a long time and have been volunteering at the Greenhouse for about 10 years according to Tim. They started volunteering when Diann Beckman was in charge of the Greenhouse. They helped establish the pollinator garden that is located on the Dakota College campus! Every year there are different projects that these individuals work on such as seeding, transplanting, or assisting in planting flowers throughout Bottineau. Volunteering every year at the Greenhouse has become a tradition between this local group of friends. “We like to do things that get us out of the house and we all enjoy the gardening aspect” says Tim.

One of the best memories that stands out to Tim is when the group was able to use one of the high tunnels on campus. They were able to do their own planting while also assisting the college in whatever projects they had going on at the time. “We always have a lot of fun. We realize that we are providing a service to the college and always find ways to incorporate games or challenges” says Tim. Not only do they volunteer at the Greenhouse but they also volunteer at the Museum, Family Crisis Center, the Bottineau Food Pantry, and they also assist in making Braille Books! After volunteering at the Greenhouse, the group will head over to Pride Dairy or Marie’s to enjoy coffee, a meal, and each other’s company.