News Releases

DCB Receives Community Grant


Left to Right: Sheila Longie, Marjorie Poitra, Deb Brandt, Richard Trottier,
Marty Dewing,
Dale Nadeau, Angel Larocque and Susan Indvik

Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) has been awarded a local community grant through an open application process from Walmart and Sam’s Club facilities, “Walmart Community Grant”. As a nonprofit college, DCB benefited directly from Bottineau’s Walmart store at the local level. By receiving this grant, DCB is part of a long history of Walmart’s commitment to giving back to the communities where they operate.

The grant funding in the amount of $2,000 will be used to establish an emergency medical fund for students in need at DCB. Susan Indvik, Campus Nurse states “It will be good to have an emergency medical fund for the needy students at DCB who do not have health insurance or cannot afford it”. Some students come from another state where they had Medicaid which does not get transferred to any other states and they may have a need for emergency medical support.

Representatives from Dakota College are pleased to accept the check and utilize the grant funds towards the emergency medical fund.