News Releases

DCB Invests in Energy Savings


DCB has just signed a contract with a company called UNESCO to make numerous improvements to the college’s lighting systems, heating and ventilation controls, building weather-stripping and sealing, and plumbing fixtures. The most noticeable change will be the replacement of existing lighting with LED technology. In most cases this will involve retrofitting current light fixtures, but in some rooms and areas it will require the replacement of the existing light fixtures. Many of the college’s control systems for the heating and ventilation systems will be re-calibrated and upgraded. Additionally, all buildings will receive improvements to prevent air leakage around doors, windows and roof and wall junctions. Plumbing upgrades will include the replacement of several fixtures, faucets and showers with modern low-flow substitutes.

We anticipate that this work will begin sometime in October and continue for a few months. This project is being funded through a special leasing arrangement approved by the State Board of Higher Education in which the college will be able to pay for the costs of these improvements over 15 years. Over the course of these 15 years, UNESCO guarantees that the savings generated from improved energy efficiencies will cover all the costs for the various improvements.