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DCB Faculty Awarded AI Professional Development Scholarship

Date Published: 3/7/24


Fifteen North Dakota University System (NDUS) faculty members were recently awarded $1,000 scholarships through the Dakota Digital Academy to attend and participate in conferences or professional development experiences involving artificial intelligence (AI). The scholarships were established to encourage professional learning and AI implementation in college classrooms.

According to a recent ND University System release, “This is a great opportunity for our faculty members to learn more about AI and how it can be incorporated into their curriculums,” said NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott. “Higher education will be transformed over the next few years by these new technologies. It’s important that we immerse ourselves in AI now to discover best practices so we can better prepare our students for our future workforce, which also will see new innovations through AI and digitization.”

To be eligible to receive the scholarships, NDUS faculty members were able to submit a professional development request along with reasoning. Michelle Cauley, DCB Natural Resource Instructor submitted a request to attend the Second Annual Teaching and Learning with AI Conference this summer. This conference is an opportunity to explore opportunities and setbacks that AI provides and how teachers can leverage this tool in their classrooms for the benefit of all learners.  Michelle Cauley shares, “Through this conference, I will have the opportunity to explore the newest AI software and its components while growing in confidence on how to bridge the technology gap for my nontraditional students. This will allow them to better understand AI as a resource tool in their learning.” Michelle plans to practice and build skills in AI interface at the conference allowing her to bring these tactics into her classroom and online courses. Examples of AI policy, ethical considerations, and operational plans other colleges are using will be an excellent resource for campus collaboration.