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Dakota College Students Recognized

Space Grant.jpg

Space Grant Left to Right: Ashtyn Allard, Whitni Peck, Koylynn Guliford, Connor Beck, Courtney Herman, Larry Brooks, Academic Services

Dakota College at Bottineau recognized students through the annual Student Recognition Awards. This recognition honors students whose academic achievement and campus involvement have been exemplary in 2021-2022. Instructors and advisors from their specific programs identified students who earned the recognition:


Betty Rehfuss Memorial Scholarship

  • Luis Gallardo, Red Deer, AB

Don Thompson Liberal Arts Scholarship

  • Loukas Triantis, Sydney, Australia

ND Space Grant Scholarship

  • Ashtyn Allard, Bottineau, ND
  • Connor Beck, Wolford, ND
  • Koylynn Gulliford, Coaldale, CO
  • Courtney Herman, Lambert, MT
  • Whitni Peck, Bottineau, ND

Excellence in Science-Anatomy & Physiology

  • Myah Radtke, Westhope, ND

Excellence in Science-Biology

  • Luis Gallardo, Red Deer, AB
  • Chloe Burt, Maidstone, SK

Excellence in Agriculture

  • Zachary Veitch, Rivers, MB
  • Joben Smith, Foxwarren, MB
  • Austin Tonneson, Bottineau, ND

Excellence in Psychology

  • Loukas Triantis, Sydney, Australia

Excellence in History

  • Amanda Williams, Bottineau, ND
  • Bradley Medlang, Bottineau, ND

Excellence in Small Business Management

  • Jesse Mattern, Willow City, ND

Excellence in Photography

  • Jana Costa, Bottineau, ND
  • Shae Gebre, Boissevain, MB

Young Educator of Excellence

  • MacKenzie Allard, Willow City, ND
  • Anita Bellew, Killarney, MB
  • Ady Jelleberg, Bottineau, ND
  • Katelyn Muchowski, Odessa, SK
  • Eliyah Raine, Maskwacis, AB
  • Jessica Wither, Neepawa, MB
  • Jaidyn Brummond, Granville, ND
  • Trinity Goggles, Riverton, WY
  • Stormy Peterson, Bottineau, ND
  • Tyra Lysne, Rugby, ND
  • Kaitlynn Scherr, Langdon, ND

Outstanding Student in pre-Nursing (Minot)

  • Kimberly Hoodman, Burlington, ND

Practical Nursing (Minot)

  • Excellence in Nursing – Payton Erie, Minot, ND
  • Compassion in Nursing – Zoe Loeffler, Minot, ND

Associate Degree Nurse (Minot)

  • Excellence in Nursing – Madison Stephens, Minot, ND
  • Compassion in Nursing – Debora Powell, Minot, ND
  • Leadership in Nursing – Jill Erickson, Minot, ND