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Dakota College Sets Covid-19 Risk Level to Moderate


Yesterday the Governor’s Office announced that the Covid-19 risk level for Bottineau County is changing from the moderate risk category to the high-risk category, effective Friday, October 16. Considering this change in the county’s status, the Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) Re-start Team met to discuss appropriate actions to be taken on campus to address this heightened concern. The team determined that the change in Bottineau County’s risk level warranted an increase DCB’s risk level from low to moderate. It is important to note that the Covid-19 contact tracing status at DCB has not changed appreciably from past weeks. The change in DCB’s risk level essentially reflects a heightened concern in the surrounding community.  

With a change in DCB’s risk category, additional steps are being implemented – effective Friday, Oct. 16 to help ensure the safety and health of the college community. These include:

  • Spectator attendance at athletic events will be greatly reduced, based on the state guidelines that events be limited to no more than 50 people, and face masks will be required at all venues (including the hockey arena).
  • The use of the weight and cardio rooms and the racquetball court will be limited to on-campus students and staff.
  • Seating capacity will be reduced in the Dining Center to further reinforce social distancing recommendations.
  • Limits will be placed on the number of people that can be in the Student Center and the Student Center theater at a given time.
  • The head residents and resident assistants will reinforce the importance of wearing face masks with all students in campus housing.
  • Signs will be posted at the entrances to campus buildings asking off-campus visitors to make alternate arrangements for contacting individuals on campus or for picking up materials.
  • Drive-through testing for future Covid testing events will be explored.

Currently, there are no changes to instructional delivery. Classes will continue to meet as scheduled. Likewise, there are no changes anticipated for athletic practices, scrimmages or games, other than limits to the number of spectators. All DCB student athletes undergo regular testing for Covid.  

DCB’s goal is to do everything that can be done to keep everyone safe and healthy so that on-campus instruction and activities for students may be held throughout the entire academic year.