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Dakota College Recognizes 2021 LEAP Graduates

Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) is proud to announce the LEAP (Leading to Education and Advanced Preparation) program graduates. Designed for high schools, LEAP allows high school students to earn a Certificate of College Studies alongside their high school diploma. This spring Dakota College graduates 14 students from six high schools in North Dakota; Bottineau, Magic City, Midkota, Rugby, South Prairie and Westhope. Each graduate will be acknowledged as a high school and college graduate at their high school commencement exercise.  

The LEAP students will be recognized for completion of their College Studies program.  The Dakota College commencement exercise will be held on Dakota College campus on Friday, May 14, 2021.  

Students earn 24 general education college credits while in high school, by taking two dual credit offerings from Dakota College during each semester of their junior and senior year. This program launched in the Fall 2017 semester and offers great benefits for students including time and cost savings, flexible delivery either online or via Interactive Video Network (IVN) and transferability.  General education courses transfer to any campus in the North Dakota University System (NDUS). This allows students to take quality courses from Dakota College at an affordable rate and then either continue their education at Dakota College or transfer their courses/credits to any campus in the ND University System.

LEAP Beyond is a new program uniquely offered to high school students through Dakota College at Bottineau. Leading to Education and Advanced Preparation – LEAP Beyond students earn 60 college credits throughout their Junior and Senior years of high school. This entitles them to graduate with an Associate’s degree alongside their high school diploma. Along with being a time savings benefit through a flexible deliver system, it saves students on tuition and allows transferability to any campus in the North Dakota University System.  

LEAP Graduates:   *Honors (3.5-3.79) **High Honors (3.80-4.0)

Bottineau High School

  • Keagen Allard*
  • Jasmine Rogers*

Magic City Campus, Minot

  • Alyah Barbot**
  • Adleigh Handeland*

Midkota High School

  • Hannah Ehlers**
  • Janae Johnson*

Rugby High School

  • Tesha Sobolik

South Prairie High School

  • Braden Anderson**
  • Cooper Bohl
  • Mariah Braasch**
  • Teanna Erie

Westhope High School

  • Calma Henry*
  • Cyla McMechan
  • Myah Radtke**