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Dakota College Provides Post Thanksgiving Option for Students


Dakota College staff went into the fall term knowing they needed to be adaptable and flexible in order to progress through the academic year. In a recent communication to college staff, Dr. Jerry Migler, Campus Dean stated, “We are again at a point where we need to apply these two skills to address changing conditions related to the COVID pandemic”. More specifically, the question Dakota College addressed is whether or not to adjust the academic plan for the remaining weeks of instruction after Thanksgiving break.
After several meetings focused on this topic last week, a decision was made to provide students with an option to learn remotely after the Thanksgiving break through the end of the semester. This was not a decision made lightly and the factors that ultimately led to this decision were:

· The realization there will likely be a spike in COVID cases across the college due to community spread from family gatherings and other social events that typically occur during Thanksgiving break.
· The continuing rise of COVID cases in the state and country.
· A desire to allow Canadian students an opportunity to spend more time with families during the holiday season. Many of the Canadian students have not been home since mid-August and they would need to self-quarantine for two weeks upon returning, which can significantly affect interactions and time with family members.
Several other campuses have made the decision to allow similar options for their students. Although students will be provided with this option, they will be encouraged to remain on campus and complete their courses face-to-face, as in-person learning greatly increases academic success. The Dakota College campus, and all offices and services, will be open as regularly scheduled through the semester.
Dr. Migler adds, “I know we all wish we could “get back to normal,” but our ability to adjust to changing circumstances is the best tool we have to get through this”. He extended his appreciation to everyone for their understanding and cooperation. The over-riding consideration for this decision is the safety and health of the students, faculty and staff as well as all of the family members.