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Dakota College Announces 2024 Commencement

Date Published: 5/2/24

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Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) is excited to recognize students at the 2024 commencement ceremony. The ceremony will be held in the gym located in Thatcher Hall and will recognize 91 of the 179 graduating students on Friday, May 10th at 3:00 pm. The commencement event will also be streamed.

DCB has students graduating in liberal arts and transfer degrees and career and technical degrees which include, but not limited to accounting technology, agriculture management, health care, business, paraprofessional education, horticulture, and natural resources. Students are candidates for associate degrees and certificates.

Along with a strong liberal arts curriculum, DCB is also known for its robust distance-learning program through online courses and dual credit offerings at area high schools. Through its dual-credit program, DCB has 24 Leading to Education and Advanced Preparation (LEAP) graduates. Of these 24, five are completing the LEAP Beyond with AA/AS degree, 18 completing the Certificate, and one completing the Certificate and LEAP Beyond AS degree. They represent 11 North Dakota high schools with 15 of them walking at this year’s ceremony. Five of the LEAP graduates will be receiving the associate degree. The LEAP program is designed to allow high school students to earn a Certificate of College Studies in conjunction with their high school diploma. The * designates the students that will be walking at the DCB commencement ceremony.


Belfield High School
•    Talkington, Abby: LEAP Beyond (AA and AS)
Bottineau High School
•    Fedje, Tallie: LEAP Beyond (AA and AS)*
•    Gonitzke, Jules: LEAP Beyond (AA and AS)*
•    Hendrix, Alexis: LEAP Certificate*
•    Keith, Ella: LEAP Certificate*
Edgeley High School
•    Irey, Grace: LEAP Certificate
•    Mathern, Mataeya: LEAP Certificate
Glenburn High School
•    Young, Andrew: LEAP Certificate
•    Bulow, Ethan: LEAP Certificate
•    Gauthier, Madilyn: LEAP Beyond (AA and AS)*
Jamestown High School
•    Ede, Connor – LEAP Certificate
Midkota High School
•    Ehlers, Brienna – LEAP Certificate

Rugby High School
•    Oppen, Sophia – LEAP Certificate*
South Prairie High School
•    Anderson, Kassandra: LEAP Certificate / LEAP Beyond (AS)*
•    Bailey, Elora: LEAP Certificate*
•    Bearman, Taya: LEAP Certificate*
•    Eberle, Brenna: LEAP Certificate*
•    Hoffman, Izabela: LEAP Certificate*
•    Jimenez, Elias: LEAP Beyond (AS)*
•    Johnson, Riley: LEAP Certificate*
•    Kannianen, Jayla: LEAP Certificate*
•    Trowbridge, Haley: LEAP Certificate*
TGU Towner High School
•    Takala, Morgan: LEAP Certificate
Westhope High School
•    Kveum, Miranda: LEAP Certificate


NelsonLexie.jpgA DCB student guest speaker is selected by the faculty and staff to share a few words at the commencement ceremony. This year Lexie Nelson, daughter of Ryan and Joy Nelson, born in Seminole, Texas and grew up in Carman, Manitoba was selected. Graduating from DCB with a major in AS secondary education, Lexie has been accepted to Minot State University where she would like to complete a degree in composite science education and a minor in sign language interpreting while also getting to play softball. She has enjoyed the small campus and friendly faces while being a part of PTK, women’s basketball and softball teams, a resident assistant and mentor for the ASPIRE program.
Community, friends, and family of the DCB graduates are invited to join in the public ceremony on campus Friday, May 10th at 3:00 pm.