Shubham Datta

Dr. Shubham Datta

Assistant Professor
Bottineau Faculty
HLC Highly Qualified
NSC 113

About Shubham

Dr. Datta has more than 15 years of wildlife research and conservation experience with governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and communities as stakeholders. He has generated and managed of large research budgets, and has managed and supervised multiple research and conservation projects. Dr. Datta also has experience working with multiple taxa in various countries and landscapes, and under different socio-economic scenarios. He possesses a comprehensive experience in scientific communication, grant proposals, educational outreach to educational institutions and communities, and public speaking to lay and scientific audiences. Over the years Dr. Datta has developed partnerships, strategies, and executed research and management projects in United States, Caribbean islands, India, and the Middle East. He has multiple research collaborations, capacity building projects, and citizen science projects under his belt. Dr. Datta also has over nine years of experience in graduate and undergraduate level teaching and advising and many in-class and online course developments in the field of Biology and Wildlife and Fisheries.

  • PhD in Wildlife Biology. South Dakota State University. August 2016.
  • MS in Natural Resource Management. 2006.
  • BS in Zoology. 2003
Classes Taught On Campus & Online
  • FWLD 121: Introduction to Wildlife and Fisheries
  • FWLD 122: Wildlife and Fisheries Techniques
  • FWLD 296 – Field Studies
  • FWLD 297 – Co-op education
  • BIOL 170: Zoology
  • BIOL 230 & 230H: Ecology
  • BIOL 200: Bio techniques
  • BIOL 220 & 220H: Human Anatomy and Physiology I – campus and online
  • BIOL 221 and 221H: Human Anatomy and Physiology II – campus and online
  • BIOL 202: Microbiology – campus and online
  • BIOL 280 – Conservation Biology – Online
  • North Dakota Community College Consortium Award. 2017.
  • Outstanding Ph.D. Student of the Year. 2013.
  • Department of Natural Resource Management. South Dakota State University. Brookings, South Dakota, USA.
  • Kevin Honness Memorial Scholarship Award. 2014. The Great Plains Natural Science Society. South Dakota, USA.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant Excellence. 2011. South Dakota State University Teaching Learning Center. Brookings, South Dakota, USA.
  • Travel Award. 2011. South Dakota State University. Department of Biology and Microbiology.
  • Research Fellowship Award. 2006, 2008. Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, India.
  • Datta, S., J. A. Jenks, D. E. Knudsen, K. C. Jensen, W. M. Inselman, C. C. Swanson, and T. W. Grovenburg. 2015. West Nile Virus and ferruginous hawks (Buteo regalis) in the Northern Great Plains. The Prairie Naturalist 47:38–40.
  • Datta, S., J. A. Jenks, K. C. Jensen, C. C. Swanson, R. W. Klaver, I. Sasmal, and T. W. Grovenburg. 2015. Mate replacement and alloparental care in ferruginous hawk (Buteo regalis). The Prairie Naturalist 47:36–37.
  • Inselman, W. M., S. Datta, J. A. Jenks, K. C. Jensen, and T. W. Grovenburg. 2015. Buteo nesting ecology: evaluating nesting of Swainson’s hawks in the northern Great Plains. PLoS ONE 10(9): e0137045. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0137045.
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  • Sasmal, I., J. A. Jenks, T. W. Grovenburg, S. Datta, G. M. Schroeder, R. W. Klaver, and K. M. Honness. Habitat Selection by Female Swift foxes (Vulpes velox) during the pup-rearing season. The Prairie Naturalist 43(1/2):29–37
  • Sasmal, I., J. A. Jenks, L. P. Waits, M. G. Gonda, G. M. Schroeder, S. Datta. Genetic diversity in a reintroduced swift fox population. Conservation Genetics. 14:93—102.
  • Inselman, W. M., S. Datta, J. A. Jenks, R. W. Klaver, and T. W. Grovenburg. Spatial ecology and adult survival of Swainson's hawks (Buteo swainsonii) in the Northern Great Plains. Journal of Raptor Research: In Press. Inselman, W. M., S. Datta, J. A. Jenks, R. W. Klaver, and T. W. Grovenburg. Diet composition and provisioning of Swainson's hawk nestlings in the Northern Great Plains. Journal of Field Ornithology: In Press.
  • Indrani Sasmal, Nicholas P. Gould, Krysten L. Schuler, Yung-Fu Chang, Anil Thacil, Colleen Olfenbuttel, Shubham Datta and Christopher S. Deperno. 2018. LEPTOSPIROSIS IN URBAN AND SUBURBAN AMERICAN BLACK BEARS (URSUS AMERICANUS) IN WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA, USA. Journal of wildlife diseases 55 (1), 74-83.
  • Sasmal I., K Pacifici, C. Deperno, C. Moorman, S. Datta, and M. Swingen. 2018. Seasonal space use of transient and resident coyotes in North Carolina. Canadian Journal of Zoology.
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