Book Buyback

It is the policy of the DCB Bookstore to buy back every book we possibly can, offering the student as much as we can. Book buyback guidelines are as follows:

  • Book buyback is held the last week of each semester.
  • Books that have been ordered by professors for a subsequent term that are needed to restock the bookstore will be purchased at approximately ½ the selling price. The student must present his or her receipt for the book(s).
  • The number of books needed for a class varies from term to term. The bookstore will only buy back the number needed. When that need is filled, the wholesale value will be offered (if one exists). Some books do not have a resale value and will not be purchased.
  • Damaged books, or books in poor condition, will not be bought back, or will be bought back at a reduced rate.
  • Professors determine which books are used for classes. They notify the bookstore of which books will be used again, and this determines the books that will be bought back.
  • Students can donate books that are not bought back. The bookstore will send these books to be recycled