Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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Students who obtain a certificate of completion in small unmanned aircraft systems will be able demonstrate their mastery of drone flight, pre-flight planning, data processing and all of the skills necessary to execute a flight mission. The basics of drone flight, care and maintenance, flight skills, and specific applications of drones are surveyed. Students will have the knowledge and confidence to integrate their knowledge of drone use to the industry of their choosing.

Why study UAS?

Use of Unmanned aircraft systems are rapidly growing in various industries such as agriculture, photography, natural resources, forestry, construction, and many others. Gaining experience in drone applications allows students to be on the cutting edge of new technology used in these industries.

Career choices

Drone Specific Careers

  •  Unmanned military operations
  • Civilian Pilot/Operator
  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Coder/Programmer

Industry Careers with Drone Opportunities

  • Agriculture
  • Natural Resources
  • Forestry
  • Mapping/Surveying
  • Public Safety
  • Inspection/Engineering
  • Construction
  • Photography/Videography


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