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The Dental Assisting program is opening fall of 2024


The Dakota College Dental Assisting program is committed to promoting the educational and professional advancement of dental assistants with the most recent advances in technology, materials, techniques and equipment through vital courses and professional activities. The graduate will be well-prepared to enhance the delivery of quality dental health care to our diverse community.

Why study dental assisting?

The Dental Assisting program prepares students to become skilled members of the dental health care team. Dental assistants are dental professionals who work side by side with the dentist during patient care. They greatly increase the efficiency of the dentist in the delivery of oral health care and perform a wide range of responsibilities. Qualities that make a successful dental assistant include good interpersonal, technical, communication, and organizational skills.

There is a variety of tasks that dental assistants perform. Along with assisting the dentist chairside, assistants take and review patient medical histories; provide patients with instructions for dental procedures; prepare equipment, materials, and instruments for patient care; create temporary crowns; provide coronal polishing and placement of sealants; take impressions of teeth; create study casts (models); expose radiographs; perform sterilization and disinfection procedures, and perform a variety of other duties according to the state where they are licensed. Dental assistants may also be responsible for administrative tasks, such as billing, patient verification, scheduling of various types of treatment appointments, and material inventory.

Focused courses for your degree

The ten-month 45-credit certificate program includes lectures, supervised labs, and clinics, as well as over 300 hours of clinical affiliation experiences in dental practices. Four pre-requisite courses must be completed before being accepted into the dental assisting program. Students may also choose the 64-credit Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program, which will take two academic years to complete. Graduates of Dakota College’s Dental Assisting program can perform advanced functions allowed by the state of North Dakota.

Accreditation Status

The program in dental assisting is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation [and has been granted the accreditation status of “initial accreditation”]. The Commission is a specialized accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education. The Commission on Dental Accreditation can be contacted at (312) 440-4653 or at 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611. The Commission’s web address is:

Conditional Program Acceptance

Prospective students who have not yet completed or are currently in the process of fulfilling the prerequisite college courses are welcome to submit their applications for consideration. In the event there is availability in the program, individuals who have not fulfilled the specified requirements will be evaluated for conditional program acceptance.


Dental Assisting Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate academic and clinical proficiency at entry level dental assisting skills, utilizing current guidelines for infection control and occupational safety.  
  2. Perform four-handed chair-side dental assisting duties and advanced functions as permitted by the North Dakota Board of Dental Examiners.
  3. Perform skills required to maintain dental and business office records according to HIPAA regulations.
  4. Apply legal and ethical standards as directed by the North Dakota Dental Practice Act.
  5. Exhibit professionalism and communicate effectively with patients, coworkers and other healthcare professionals.
  6. Provide dental assisting services with compassion and respect being conscious of cultural diversity.
  7. Engage in professional activities and lifelong learning.

Student Requirements

Health Data

Students will not be allowed to participate in labs or clinics unless all requirements have been met. Expenses for immunizations, CPR certification and criminal background studies are the student’s responsibility.

Required Immunizations/Verification

Documentation will be due by July 15 (*unless specified).

  1. Documentation of two Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccination or Rubella positive titer.
  2. Documentation of three Hepatitis B immunizations, positive titer, or a waiver.
  3. Documentation of two Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccinations or proof of a positive titer.
  4. Documentation of Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis) vaccination within the last ten years.
  5. Documentation of a negative two-step TB Skin Test (Mantoux), or QuantiFERON Gold blood test or Tspot. If positive, a copy of the lab report or a clear chest x-ray completed within the last year is required. This requirement will be a yearly renewal.
  6. Documentation of a flu shot administered during the current flu season. *This requirement will not be due until October 1 to ensure administration of current vaccination and will be a yearly renewal.
  7. Covid-19 Vaccination could be required, depending on requirements of individual clinical sites.

Basic Life Support CPR Required

Students must have proof of Healthcare Provider American Red Cross or American Heart Association Basic Life Support CPR prior to starting the dental assisting program. Certification must include a hands-on, in-person testing component. Proof must be provided during the first week of classes in the fall semester. Students are responsible for the cost.
Students must maintain continuous CPR certification throughout the program.

Criminal Background Study

Students will be required to pass a state and national criminal background study prior to final acceptance into the dental assisting or hygiene program. The cost of these studies will be the students responsibility.

Bloodborne Pathogens Statement

Due to the nature of the dental assisting and hygiene professions, students will be participating in a learning environment that has the potential of exposure to blood borne pathogens. Students accepted into the program are provided with written policies and instruction on infection control protocol to reduce the risk of disease transmission. The programs comply with all institutional, local, state, and federal policies. Policies and procedures on the dental assisting/dental hygiene program's infection control protocol are available to applicants upon request.



State Licensure Requirements:  
Following graduation and licensure requirements of the North Dakota State Board of Dentistry, the dental assistant will use the credential Registered Dental Assistant (RDA).

National Certification Requirement
If the graduate wishes to become credentialed nationally, they must pass the Dental Assisting National Board Exam (DANBE) and will use the credential Certified Dental Assistant (CDA). Earning the DANB certification will allow degree transferability throughout the U.S.

Please be aware that a determination has not been made if our curriculum/degree meets licensure requirements in other states.



Laptop Computer

Dental program students must have a laptop computer. The cost will be in addition to the cost of tuition, fees, and books. The computer must be a Windows-based system. Dakota College students have access to Office 365 in the student portal. The recommended computer specifications can be found here: /student-life/computer-services


Employment Statistics

Employment Statistics
Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics for Dental Assistants
Annual Mean Wage 2021
$47, 780
Job Outlook, 2021-2031 Growing at 8%
(faster than average growth rate of 5%)

For more information regarding employment statistics, career salary information and estimated job growth, follow the resource links below:


Estimated Program Costs

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Dakota College Dental Assisting Program Estimated Costs 2024 – 2025
Semester Credits Tuition & Fees Books Supplies
Prerequisites 10 Credits $2228.00 $500 $100.00
Fall Semester 16 Credits $2673.63 $800 $250.00
Spring Semester 14 Credits $2673.63 $200 $250.00
Summer Session 5 Credits $1114.00 N/A N/A
Dental Assisting Program
      $500.00 Fall
$500.00 Spring
$500.00 Summer
Laptop Computer The laptop computer must be a Windows based system. The required computer specification can be found at: /student-life/computer-services $500 - $1000
Background Studies Must be done after acceptance to dental assisting program, but before designated due date in the summer prior to start of fall semester. $145.00
ATI TEAS Test       $87.00 in person
$115.00 online
Approximate Total: $13,450 45 credits $8,689.26 $1,400.00 $3,360.00

For more information: /admissions-financial-aid/paying-for-college
This cost sheet is an estimate. To the best of our knowledge this form is complete. There may be unforeseen expenses that come up during the year. You will be responsible for all program expenses even if they have been inadvertently left off this form.

Costs associated with equipment and resources are non-refundable if you are dismissed or voluntarily leave the dental program. Tuition and fee reimbursement are based on the NDUS reimbursement schedule.


Costs for Licensure in North Dakota

Costs for Licensure in North Dakota
North Dakota Dental Assistant Licensure Fees and National Certification Exam
North Dakota Board of Dentistry Initial Registration Fee $145.00
North Dakota Ethics & Jurisprudence Exam No fee; Must submit the Initial Registration Application prior to taking this exam

Dental Assisting National Board Exam (DANBE)
(Strongly recommended, not required for North Dakota Licensure)

  • Radiation Health and Safety (RHS)
  • Infection Control (ICE)
  • General Chairside Assisting (GC)

$450 if all three tests are taken on one day
$270.00 each, if taken individually
$375.00 for RHS and ICE taken together


Teas Test Information

Proof of Academic Readiness

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

All applicants are required to complete the most current Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), standardized Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) prior to application deadlines.
Applicants are allowed two (2) attempts at the TEAS exam with a minimum of 4 weeks (28 days) between attempts per application period.

A minimum TEAS composite score must be 45 or greater. Any applicant scoring below this
number will not be accepted. The best score achieved, of two attempts, may be submitted.
TEAS scores are valid for up to two (2) years prior to March 5th of the year of application.

It is to your advantage to double check the other parts of your application to make sure you are
qualified in the other areas before you attempt the TEAS exam.

It is recommended that you use the study materials on the TEAS website to score well on the
exam. As noted above you may repeat the TEAS to better your chance of admission.

The TEAS exam for students is offered at DCB Bottineau and Minot State University. Students can register through the ATI website for the dates set at DCB. Minot State University testing center also offers the TEAS, so students may pay to take it with them and then save a copy of their exam results to submit to the dental program.

ATI also offers online proctored exams where students can choose the date and time that works best for them and ATI proctors them remotely.



Ready to apply?

You can find the Dental Assisting Online Application at the below link. Before getting started, please apply to Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB). Once accepted, you may continue your application to the DCB Dental Assisting Program.


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