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Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Dakota College at Bottineau Library is to support the mission of Dakota College at Bottineau. In support of DCB's mission, the library provides the services and resources necessary to meet the educational and informational needs of the Dakota College at Bottineau community, as well as the needs of the Bottineau and the surrounding communities.


Library Objectives

The basic objective of the Dakota College at Bottineau Library is to play its full part in supporting the instructional programs of the university:

  • To secure, organize and service books, periodicals, documents, audio, and video recordings, and other library materials used in instructional programs.
  • To provide the physical facilities and equipment that will make possible the effective use of library resources.
  • To increase knowledge of the basic reference sources by providing guidance in the use of library facilities.
  • To encourage students to develop the habit of self-education in order that books, other media and libraries may contribute to their intellectual development in future years.
  • To encourage extracurricular use of library materials.
  • To assist and cooperate with libraries in the community, region, and elsewhere in building total library resources and in making them available to users

The library is primarily a teaching instrument.  The professional library staff, administrative organization and building are so planned as to implement teaching and learning by the use of all library material.  The staff is composed, therefore, of educators, who teach, not in the classrooms, but by mobilizing the resources of the library according to a well-defined program.