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On Campus & Online

If you've ever thought about a career in the exciting and growing field of photography, then don't waste another minute. DCB is now offering an on campus and online photography program.

Option one: AAS Degree

This is a two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in photography. In this program, students will take the same photography courses required in the certificate program and the necessary general education courses to earn an AAS degree. If you want to receive the education and training to start your career as a professional photographer, but would also like a degree under your belt, then this is the option is for you.

Option two: Certificate Program

This is a one year intensive photography certificate program that prepares students to confidently enter the photographic profession either by obtaining a job or by starting their own business. Students will receive intensive training in the photographic arts with 10 classes including outdoor photography, photojournalism, commercial photography, and portrait photography. Students will also learn valuable business practices in the Business of Photography class. If you want to receive the education and training to start your new career as a professional photographer in under a year, then this is the option is for you.


Recommended Equipment

DSLR Camera - any brand is fine as long as it's at least 10 megapixels. We will be working with Canon cameras, so a Canon is recommended. The Rebel series is okay for starters, however we recommend stepping up to the Canon 60D or higher.canon60d.png

Lenses - The students will need at least one lens to get started. We recommend a lens in the 28-100mm zoom range. The students will be learning about lenses and which lenses are appropriate for their chosen field during class.

Tripod - The students will need a sturdy tripod.

External HDD - The students will use an external hard disk drive to save and transport their homework.

Purchasing Gear - We recommend that the students shop local whenever possible, however if they do not have access to a camera store then they can go online. They need to know that companies such as Canon regulate their pricing, so they are NOT going to find an amazing deal online, and if they do, it is likely a scam. Here are two trusted online sources for purchasing camera gear.


Be Advised

Photography Department Phone: 307-702-1368

Clint Saunders

Photography Dept. Head


Leslie Ostreim

Studio Manager