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The LEAP Program

Designed for high schools, LEAP allows high school students to earn a college certificate alongside their high school diploma, saving students time and money. Students will earn 24 general education college credits while in high school, by taking two dual credit courses from DCB during each semester of their junior and senior year. This new program launches during the Fall 2017 semester and offers great benefits for students including the following:

  1. Time Savings – By taking 24 credits, students will save a year of college, allowing them to enter the workforce a year sooner.
  2. Cost Savings – Dual credit students receive a current discounted tuition rate of $127.53 per credit vs the $178.38 per credit, creating a savings of $55.54 per credit. The Bank of ND Scholarship covers tuition and books for two classes per academic year for qualified students.
  3. Flexible Delivery – Many of the courses are available either online or over IVN (Interactive Video Network). For added flexibility, teachers at some of the participating high schools instruct courses.
  4. Transferability – General education courses transfer to any campus in the North Dakota University System (NDUS). This allows students to take quality courses from DCB, at an affordable rate, and then transfer those courses/credits to any campus in the NDUS.

LEAP Informational Flyer

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