Dakota College at Bottineau – Foundation

When I graduated from Langdon Area High School in 2021, I knew I wanted to study Horticulture. Coming from a class of 25, I was able to be active in almost every club that my small school offered. I wanted to see what the world had to offer as I prepared for college, but I wasn’t ready for the commitment of a four-year school or to move to a big city. Dakota College at Bottineau turned out to be the perfect fit for me.

I chose Bottineau because it offered a Horticulture major, and I heard great things from people I knew who attended DCB. During my two years on campus, my friends and I “grew up” in DCB’s tight knit environment as we prepared to transfer to bigger universities to pursue bachelor’s degrees.

Dakota College at Bottineau AlumniSpending time in the DCB greenhouses helped me solidify my career choice because every minute was a learning opportunity. I learned something every time I showed up, whether it was about the production of fresh food, the beautification of communities, or the joys of working hard at something you love.

My two-year degree from DCB prepared me for my future career by providing “hands-on knowledge.” For example, instead of only learning about a topic in a textbook, we had the opportunity to experience Horticulture through different businesses, working with experts, attending conferences, and in the greenhouses. The real-life experience I received at DCB made me certain that I wanted to pursue a career in Horticulture.

Outside of the classroom at DCB, I learned to value the importance of appreciating the things I have, the people in my life, and the opportunities I got from working hard. Now that I’m pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Horticulture at NDSU, the life lessons I received at DCB have proven to be invaluable.

Thanks to donors like you, more students will benefit from the sense of community and experiences provided by DCB as they earn two-year degrees.