Collaborative Registration Form

A collaborative student is one who is currently enrolled at more than one North Dakota University System (NDUS) institution for a particular term. The institution from which the student is earning a degree is considered the "home institution." The institution(s) that supply courses for a degree are considered "host institutions."

The collaborative process allows the home campus to combine credit from more than one institution for the purpose of financial aid. At the home campus, this process produces a single billing statement and one academic record of combined credits from both the home and host institution(s).

Read the following information carefully.  Students are responsible for observing the information on this page.


Before you submit your collaborative request, you must be enrolled in at least one DCB course and be in good financial and academic standing with DCB in the semester you are requesting enrollment.

You must be a fully admitted, degree seeking student at Dakota College at Bottineau.


Dakota College at Bottineau students may register for classes at other NDUS campuses by completing this form.

Collaborative registrations must be submitted before the end of the seventh instructional day in a term. Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after that date.


As a collaborative student, you must follow the drop and withdrawal policies of Dakota College at Bottineau for all courses including those taken collaboratively at other institutions.

If you choose to drop a collaborative course, you must contact Student Services by e-mailing:


Your tuition for collaborative courses must be paid to Dakota College at Bottineau.

Once you have completed this form, the collaborative coordinator will contact the host institution where you want to take your course and request that you be registered.


Completion of this form does not guarantee registration into the requested course(s). If the request(s) cannot be processed, you will be notified by e-mail or phone.

Once approved, the host institution where you will be taking the course will contact you and confirm registration

Unless instructed otherwise, this information will be shared with offices of registration, financial aid, and billing at both home and host institution(s).  This information will be used to register for courses, coordinate financial aid, transcript coursework, and facilitate billing.