Student Services


How do I register for classes?

Registration is open for fall 2020. Please check the Forms Processing section for information on how we are currently processing forms with faculty and students being off campus.

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How do I request my transcript?

We are currently only accepting transcript orders online through theNational Student Clearinghouse.


How can I request a campus tour?

Tours may be requested here

• When scheduling the tour make sure you can pass the screening questions on the form.
• Upon arrival you will be asked to complete the screening.
• You may bring a face mask for the visit. If you do not have one, DCB has disposal masks available for you to use.
• The admissions rep will lead the tour.
• All subsequent meetings (admissions, financial aid, advisor, athletic) will be held in one location such as the Dean’s Suite or a conference room to limit contact of all offices. Meetings can also be held via Teams for those staff and faculty not on campus or not willing to take part in a face-to-face meeting.
• When visitors leave the admissions rep will disinfect the meeting area and log all face-to-face contacts that visits had with faculty and staff.


Is the Ireland Study Abroad Trip still happening?

Dakota College continues to plan the sponsored international travel outside to Ireland scheduled for September 27-October 4, 2020. Student trips to domestic locations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis until further notice. If you are part of the travels planned, please contact Clint Saunders at 307-702-2368

Clint will address concerns you may have. If cancelation of the trip needs to occur, it will be done at the latest possible time. If registered participants are unable to take the trip as scheduled, we will first try to reschedule. If we cannot reschedule, or if students aren’t comfortable with traveling due to COVID, we will offer full refunds.