Information Technology


Will I be able to use DCB computers and printers on campus this Spring?

While students are encouraged to bring their own computer, the DCB Information Technology department has a limited number of laptops that may be lent out to students for the semester if they do not have access to one. In addition, there are computer labs, the library, and other public areas with computers and printers for students. These workstations or laptops have been spaced at least 6 feet apart. Signs are placed on the tables with reminders for sanitizing the equipment. Students are asked to:

  • Wipe and sanitize the keyboard, mice and hard service area before and after each use.
  • Public printers will be sanitized at the beginning and end of each day by college staff. Most students and other users of public printers should not have to touch the printer, only the paper. If the printer surface is touched users are expected to use hand sanitizer and clean the printer area with wipes provided. Shared faculty and staff printers are expected to be wiped down with wipes by the user before and after each use.
  • It is expected that each user of classroom computers will use the wipes on keyboards, mice, and other hard surfaces before and after each use.
  • IT support staff are available and expected to wear masks when responding to technical issues on campus. They will wear disposable gloves when touching computer equipment.
  • When entering the IT office, technicians will be wearing masks and it is expected that visitors will do the same.



What if I don’t have access to WiFi, a laptop, or computer to access my courses online?

We have computers and printers located around campus in the Library, Student Center, Nelson Science, Milligan and Mead Dorms for student use. If you have internet connectivity issues, contact DCB Computer Services.

Jacob Nelson – 228-5429,

Josephine Leader – 228-5419,

If you have a cell phone or tablet, there is a Blackboard app available for Android and iOS. Get the App on Your Mobile Device:

  • Blackboard App on Your Apple Device
  • Blackboard App on Your Android Device

Internet options for off campus students

Nationwide carriers have suspended internet data caps during the coronavirus pandemic. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Comcast are offering help. Individuals need to contact their carrier for more information. See this Cnet article for more information on various national carriers.