Campus Operations


What is DCB doing to prevent the spread of illness on campus?

DCB has a COVID-19 Planning Response Team to address campus prevention, planning and preparedness for COVID-19. We continue to monitor the COVID-19 closely in partnership with First District Health Unit and the North Dakota Department of Health. DCB is following the guidelines prescribed by the CDC, NDDoH and ND Smart Restart. We will continue to assess and evaluate risk and take preventive actions as recommended by federal, state and county health authorities.

A large number of motion-activated hand sanitizer dispensers have been put in the entrance of buildings across campus. We also are working to ensure our buildings and facilities are appropriately prepared and supplied and reviewing daily custodial operations.

Should the DCB community experience a COVID-19 outbreak, further personal protective and community measure recommendations will follow. DCB continues to monitor the rapidly evolving situation frequently and will provide updates as indicated. We encourage you to monitor campus announcements closely by downloading the Dakota College app (iPhone App store | Android Play Store)  and following this page.


Is the Cardio and Weight room open?

The Cardio and Weight rooms are located in Thatcher Hall and are open to individuals with a membership. Please practice these guidelines when using the facilities:

  • Use front entrance of Thatcher Hall
  • Masks are required on campus and in the cardio & weight rooms
  • Read the posted healthcare questionnaire. You may not enter the building if you answer yes to any of the questions.
  • The physical capacity is limited to 8 people in the Cardio Room and 15 people in the Weight Room.
  • Physical distance yourself from other users recommended guidelines i.e. 6 feet
  • Hand sanitizer and masks are available at the front door
  • Wipes available within the Cardio and Weight rooms. It is your responsibility to wipe down all the equipment you use before and after use to prevent the spread of any virus.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Stay home if you are sick (and remind others to do the same if necessary). If tested for COVID-19 and waiting for results, do not use our services.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting are conducted by DCB staff on a daily basis.
  • If there is an issue during use, contact Physical Plant, 228-5441
  • If not followed, privileges may be suspended

Are residential halls and dining services open?

Yes, residential halls and dining services will be open. Details coming soon.


Is the Campus Bookstore open?

Yes, the Campus Bookstore is open and ready to serve students with book orders, wearables, along with the daily lunch specials. There will be no self-serve stations. The Bookstore staff will serve you.

• Plexi-glass barriers have been installed at the counter area.
• Employees will undergo temperature checks when arriving at work.
• Bookstore staff will wash their hands often, use hand sanitizer, and wear gloves and facemasks when appropriate.
• Six feet markings on the floor indicate spacing for customers. Only one customer or group is permitted within the taped off counter area at a time. Waiting customers must stay six feet back.
• During busy times there will be entrance and exit directional signs on the floor.
• Signage regarding social distancing and other safeguards is displayed.
• Bottles of hand sanitizer are available at the counter for customers and employees.
• There is increased cleaning of surface areas, including frequent cleaning of cooler door handles.
• Employees will wipe credit/debit cards prior to returning them to the customer. No signatures will be required by customers.
• The self-service area (toast, coffee, microwave) is now clerk service.


How do I order course materials?

Distance students and on-campus students may order course materials via phone, email or in person. All registered students can charge these items to their Campus Connection account.

Please follow this link for instructions on ordering course materials.


What can I expect as a student in the classroom at Dakota College?

Students, staff and faculty are expected to abide by all DCB policies, including safety requirements, as well as state and federal laws and CDC guidelines. In keeping with the mission of DCB, we are committed to keeping our students safe and healthy during this current pandemic by closely monitoring coronavirus developments.

To this end, the Dakota College at Bottineau has adopted a standard of procedures for the COVID-19 pandemic to be followed by all students, staff and faculty. These policies are in effect for all phases of academics. Policies may be updated as situations change.

Classroom Protocol


• Students must participate in all mandatory educational programs and assist the Administration by providing information regarding their medical condition as it relates to the current pandemic.


  • Students, faculty and staff will be issued five washable, cloth face masks and are expected to wear them while traveling between classes and while in class.
  • Faculty will be responsible for management of their own classroom.
  • Students, faculty and staff are expected to wear face masks while outside of the classroom, laboratory, office or meeting areas.
  • Face shields will be used in labs. Faculty and students will be expected to wear a face mask and/or face shield wile in a laboratory setting.


  • The use of hand sanitizer units is encouraged
  •  Wash hands often
  • Refrain from touching your face
  • Wear face mask when around other people
  • Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow
  • When feeling ill, stay home


  • Faculty will use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to deliver and record all lecture sessions and, when appropriate, lab sessions.
  • Students will be expected to attend all classes unless:
    • They have concerns about being around other students.
    • They aren’t feeling well and elect not to come to class.
    • They are quarantined because they test positive for COVID-19.
    • DCB determines a need to implement a campus closure and move to alternative delivery.
  • Faculty may restrict access of class recordings to students who have an approved absence.


  • Classrooms will be set-up to allow for a minimum of six-foot physical distancing between all persons occupying the room.
  • Classroom schedules will be developed to allow each faculty member to teach their classes from a single classroom, where possible.
  • Faculty will develop a seating chart for students in their class. This will allow for ease in tracking attendance and contact tracing in the event a student tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Faculty will be responsible for management of their own classroom.
  • If a faculty member elects to schedule a field trip, all participates will be required to wear face masks.
  • Faculty and students will be required to clean their seating or work area after each class period.
  • Instructional time for 50-minute classes will be reduced to 45 minutes to allow for additional cleaning time at the end of each class period. The preferred method of cleaning is with electrostatic spray pumps. If electrostatic pumps are not available, a spray bottle and paper towels will be available. Faculty may also request students to sanitize the table and chair and any other surface for which the student came in contact.
  • Custodians will deep clean each classroom and lab room each day either before classes start or after classes end.


  • A document camera will be set-up in each faculty office in the event a faculty member needs to teach from their office.
  • The chair used by a student or other guest will be placed a minimum of six feet from the faculty member’s chair.
  • The chair and any other surface the student/guest comes in contact with will be sanitized after leaving the faculty member’s office.
  • Faculty with cloth chairs may consider meeting students in another location or meeting with students virtually.
  • Hand sanitizer and disposable wipes will be provided. Faculty will be responsible for filling hand sanitizer bottles and restocking disposable wipes each day. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available through the Physical Plant office.
  • Faculty will be expected to hold office hours in accordance with normal expectations with safe physical distancing requirements. If the faculty member’s office is not large enough to accommodate the required physical distancing, phone, Teams or other appropriate technology is appropriate for use when meeting with students. Faculty will include a statement about how their office hours will be conducted in their syllabus.
  • All faculty are required to have at least one virtual office hour per week to accommodate students who are uncomfortable coming to their office.


  • If you experience any of the COVID-19 symptoms, inform your instructor or supervisor immediately
  • On-campus students will be initially placed in a residence hall quarantine room if they test positive for COVID-19.