DCB catalog 2022-24

Course Descriptions 97 This course is designed to study the basic functions of management which include planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Management will also be concerned with leadership development and how it relates to a person’s role as supervisor, manager, assistant manager, or department head. BADM 210 Advertising I (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: None This course includes a brief history of advertising and then focuses on the shift from the conventional methods of advertising to the more widely recognized approach of implementing an integrated marketing communications strategy. BADM 213 Public Relations (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: None Basic public relations; both external and internal. The why, what, how of public relations and marketing as it relates to business; with special emphasis placed on crisis management. BADM 214 Entertainment Marketing (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: BADM 201 or Instructor Approval Course is designed to include an exploration of the effective marketing and promotion of sports, entertainment, travel, and tourism products. Discussion topics include promotion, endorsements, sales, campaigns, and marketing. BADM 240 Sales (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: None This course provides the student with an introduction to the basic principles, concepts, and theories of selling, and their application to the actual sales presentation. Special attention is given to the sales process and both verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. BADM 260 Principles of Retailing (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: None This is a practical course designed to introduce students to retail operations and management. The evolution of retailing and its present role in the marketing system as well as the impact of various trends upon retail institutions are examined. Other major areas covered include: the determination of a target market, site selection and store design, store organization, merchandising, pricing, staffing, and training employees, store pro- motion, customer service and control of store operations. BADM 289 Advertising Campaigns (3CR) Spring; Pre: BADM 201, BADM 210 This course is a capstone course in the Advertising and Marketing program. Students will utilize knowledge gained in previous classes in addition to the topics covered in this course to create a successful advertising campaign. Students will be expected to: study and analyze existing advertising campaigns, write creative briefs, research, plan, and create their own campaign along with the rationale and visual presentation of their work. Understanding and developing insightful, powerful strategies leading to the implementation of advertising campaigns will be the end result of this class. BUSINESS, OFFICE & TECHNOLOGY ED (BOTE) BOTE 108 Business Mathematics (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: None Review of mathematical fundamentals with emphasis on business applications and problem solving. BOTE 147 Word Processing (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: Keyboarding skill Use of current word processing software to create professional business documents including letters, memos, reports, tables, forms, brochures, and graphic aids. Advanced features in printing and merging are also practiced. BOTE 152 Keyboarding II (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: None