DCB catalog 2022-24

96 Course Descriptions This course is an in-depth study of the relationship between living organisms and their environment through the lens of zoological or botanical evolution, genetics, and structure and function. BIOL 170 General Zoology (4CR) Fall; Pre: BIOL 150 A survey of the animal kingdom from simple to complex. Major invertebrate and vertebrate animal groups will be covered with emphasis on structure, function, life history characteristics and evolutionary advancements of each. Topics of animal ecology with emphasis on regional species will conclude the course. BIOL 202 Microbiology (4CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: BIOL 150 or Instructor Approval A study of the characteristics and importance of microorganisms with emphasis on their identification and control and their relationships to health and disease. BIOL 220 Anatomy and Physiology I (4CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: None Study of structure and function of the human body. BIOL 221 Anatomy and Physiology II (4CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: BIOL 220 Study of structure and function of the human body. BIOL 230 Ecology (4CR) Fall; Pre: BIOL 150 or Instructor Approval A study of terrestrial and aquatic succession from communities through biomes. Basic concepts of the interrelationships of grassland, desert, arctic and marine environments. BOTANY (BOT) BOT 211 Botany I (4CR) Fall; Pre: BIOL 150 and BIOL 151 or Instructor Approval A general botany course covering plant evolutionary history, form, structure, and physiology. Lectures focus on plant diversity through time and a general knowledge of plant function with emphasis placed on North Dakota plants. Labs emphasize cells, tissues, phyla, physiology of plants, and classification. BUSINESS (BUSN) BUSN 170 Entrepreneurship (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: None A hands-on learning experience for people interested in starting their own business. History and aspects of small business will be explored. Actual development of a business plan will be covered. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BADM) BADM 120 Intro to Business (3CR) Fall; Pre: None An introduction of basic business principles and functions. This study will include types of business ownership, accounting, finance, marketing, management, and the legal and regulatory systems that affect business. BADM 201 Principles of Marketing (3CR) Fall; Pre: None An introductory course which incorporates both traditional and contemporary aspects of marketing. Topics include environmental analysis and marketing research, consumer analysis, product (service) planning, distribution planning, price planning, promotion planning, social responsibility, and marketing management. BADM 202 Principles of Management (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: None