DCB catalog 2022-24

Career/Technical Curricula 96 Paraprofessional Education K-12 AAS THIS PROGRAM IS AVAILABLE ONLINE. The Paraprofessional Educator program prepares students for employment as teacher aides in elementary and secondary schools. Paraprofessional Educators provide instructional support such as one-to-one and small group tutoring, assistance with classroom management and instruction, help with clerical tasks, assistance in a computer lab or library media center, and facilitation of parent involvement activities. Paraprofessional Educators may monitor and support special education students in resource rooms, mainstream classrooms, and in daily living settings based on goals in individualized education plans. A criminal background check is required for this program. Program graduates are “highly qualified” paraprofessionals under N.D. Department of Public Instruction criteria and are eligible to apply for the N.D. Paraprofessional Certificate of Completion credential. FRESHMAN YEAR FALL SPRING SOPHOMORE YEAR FALL SPRING ENGL 110 College Comp I 3 EC 236 Soc/Emotional Dev & Guid 3 Or COMM 110 Fund of Public Speaking EDUC 250 Intro to Education 2 CSCI 101 Intro to Computers 3 EDUC 298 Intro to Educ Practicum 1 EDUC 101 Intro to Paraeducation 1 MATH 277 Math for 3 SPED 101 Intro to Dev for Elementary Teachers I 4 Disabilities 3 PSYC 111 Intro to Psychology 3 EC/EDUC/Soc Sci Elective 3 Lab Science Elective 4 HPER 100 or HPER Activity 1-2 CARS 105 Job Search 1 ASC 93 Alg Prep III or Math 103 Coll Alg 2-4 EDUC 260 Educational Psychology 3 EDUC 220 Classroom Management 3 EDUC 297 Internship 1 SPED 110 Intro to Exceptional Children 3 ENGL 238 Children’s Literature 3 UNIV 101 Ldrship through Service 1 PSYC 250 Developmental Psych 3 Fine Arts/Humanities Elective 3 Lab Science Elective 4 Fine Arts/Humanities/Soc Sci Elective 3 Consult with program advisor for electives. Paraprofessional Education Certificate THIS PROGRAM IS AVAILABLE ONLINE. Individuals with previous college credits can meet N.D. Department of Public Instruction certificate of completion requirements by completing the Paraprofessional Educator Certificate Program. The criteria are outlined below. • The student must successfully complete 48 semester credits or more of college coursework of which at least 20 credits are general education courses. • A minimum of 15 semester credits must be completed through Dakota College at Bottineau. • Coursework must include successful completion of the following courses: EDUC 101 Introduction to Paraeducation EDUC 250 Introduction to Education EDUC 298 Intro to Ed Practicum ENGL 238 Children’s Literature HRM 100 Human Relations in Organizations MATH 277 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers PSYC 250 Developmental Psychology