DCB catalog 2020-22

43 In order to complete a degree or diploma, students may supplement resident credits with transfer credits after their last term of enrollment at DCB. The student’s advisor will determine which credits in transfer are appropriate to complete the major program. Students seeking a degree from Dakota College at Bottineau, who have already earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, will be considered complete with respect to their general education requirements. However, specific general education classes which are also considered program requirements with respect to specific majors for licensure or certification program requirements will need to be completed before the degree will be granted. Academic Residence and Time-Limit Requirements It is the policy of DCB that for students to be eligible for an Associate of Science, Associate of Arts, Associate of Applied Science, Diploma or Certificate Degree, a student must earn a minimum of 15 degree credits from DCB. To be eligible for a Certificate of Completion, students must earn half of the program credits from DCB. Students enrolled continuously on at least a one-half time basis (six semester credits or more) can follow the graduation requirements in effect at the time of their initial enrollment at DCB or the graduation requirements in effect during the year in which they plan to graduate. Students whose enrollment is less than one-half time (less than six credits) for two semesters in a row or more, who are not enrolled for two semesters in a row or more, or any combination of the two will follow the graduation requirements in effect during the academic year they apply for graduation. In this instance, students may petition Stu- dent Services if they wish to use a different catalog to satisfy graduation requirements. Students wishing to use a different catalog to satisfy graduation requirements must have completed at least one term of enrollment while that catalog was in effect. The final decision on what graduation requirements will apply will be at the discretion of the DCB Academic Records Office. Graduation Honors Candidates for any degree or diploma whose cumulative grade point average is 3.80 or above will be graduated with High Honors. Students whose cumulative GPA is 3.50 to 3.79 will be graduated with Honors. To be eligible for graduation honors, students must have earned at least 15 credits from the College. Responsibility for Satisfying Requirements All students must assume complete responsibility for compliance with the instructions and regulations set forth in this catalog, for selecting the courses which will permit them to achieve their educational objectives, and for satisfying prerequisites for any course General Information