DCB catalog 2020-22

42 The College recognizes the value of participation in extracurricular activities. Thus, a student can be excused from class in the case of College approved functions. In such instances, the faculty member in charge of the extracurricular activity should inform the students’ instructors of the reason for the class absence. Only class instructors can excuse students from class for reasons other than participation in College approved functions. Graduation Requirements Graduation ceremonies are held at the end of the spring semester of each academic year. Students who will not complete their course work until after the summer following graduation may participate in the previous spring’s graduation exercises. However, their diplomas or degrees will not be awarded until all requirements have been completed. The requirements for graduation are as follows: 1. Earn at least 60 credits for either the Associate of Science degree, the Associate of Arts degree, or the Associate of Applied Science degree and fulfill the general education requirements for the respective degree. 2. For the AS degree, satisfy the additional math, science, and technology credit require- ment which is beyond the college wide AA and AS general education requirement. 3. For the AA degree, satisfy the additional social science credit requirement which is beyond the college wide AA and AS general education requirement. 4. Students earning a second or additional Associate Degree (AS or AA) must satisfy the additional credit requirement for the second degree. 5. Earn the specified number of credits listed in the catalog curriculum outlines for the diploma, certificate or certificate of completion. 6. Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00. Candidates for a certificate of completion must earn a 2.00 GPA in the prescribed career/technical curriculum. 7. Satisfy all entrance requirements. 8. Satisfy the course requirements suggested in the curriculum outlines of the institution’s catalog. Curricular requirements may be modified for reasons satisfactory to the respective advisor. 9. Make a formal written application for the degree, diploma, certificate or certificate of completion. 10. Have removed, prior to the date of graduation, all financial and academic obligations. 11. Satisfy the academic residence requirement. General Information