Payment Plan Options

Agreeing to a monthly Payment Plan Option at DCB allows students a flexible option to pay their eligible student charges.

Payment plan options are available to students each Fall and Spring semester in which a student is enrolled. Eligible students will need to sign up for the payment plan each semester it is offered. Payment Plans do not carry over to a future term.  

There are no payment plan options provided for Summer term.

Enrollment Period Options Number of payment installments Monthly Installment due dates
Payment Plan Option
Fall 2022 Session
August 8th - September 6th, 2022
3 Due at time of signup
October 7th
November 7th

Special Note: Any charges accrued after September 6th, 2022 will not be added to the payment plan balance and must be paid by the due date of the charge or it will be eligible for late fees and holds. Check the Dates and Deadlines calendar to review drop/add dates.

You are not on a payment plan until your first payment is received.


How do I know if the payment plan option is right for me?

When trying to determine if the Payment Plan is right for you, these are some items to consider:
1. What are my eligible charges for the semester that can be included in the Payment Plan?

  • Tuition
  • Fees (Mandatory student fees, course fees and class fees)
  • Residence hall room and board contract charges

2. Are there charges that are not eligible to be included on the Payment Plan?

  • International Student Health Insurance
  • Resident Hall Fines
  • Library Fines
  • Returned Payments
  • Returned Payment Fees
  • Late Fees
  • Bookstore charges
  • Parking Permits

3. How much Financial Aid am I expecting for the semester?

  • Financial Aid can include student loans, grants or scholarships. Students can view their accepted Financial Aid for the semester within their student Campus Connection account.

4. Did I qualify for any waivers?

  • Waivers can be applied to tuition, fees or resident hall costs.

5. Am I receiving financial assistance from my employer or another 3rd Party?

  • Third Party is an outside agency/business that submits payment or authorizes DCB to bill charges related to your student account.

6. If I am receiving Financial Aid, Waivers or any other Financial Assistance, is that amount greater than what my expected charges will be for the semester?

  • If you are expecting more financial aid/assistance and waivers than what your charges would be, you would not need to apply for the Payment Plan.

If you are trying to determine what your charges for the Fall or Spring semester will look like prior to being able to view in your Campus Connection account, you can use the most recent Cost of Attendance sheet on the bottom of this page.  Students will want to use their course study list found in their Campus Connection account to calculate their charges based on enrolled courses and/or Residence Hall room and board charges.
If you have charges on your student account that are not eligible to be included in a Payment Plan, those charges would need to be paid separately upon their posted due date and would be eligible for late fees or holds should they not be paid by their due date.


How does the payment plan work?

Students who are approved, will be enrolled into the Payment Plan as soon as charges are available each semester. The Student Finance team will send an email to your campus email when you have been enrolled into the Payment Plan and provide installment amounts and the date each installment is due. Installment amounts provided in the email are based on what is showing in Campus Connection on the date that the email is sent to the student. These installment amounts could change if the student makes any class changes or receives any additional payment plan eligible charges on their account.  

The monthly installments equal the sum of eligible charges, less Anticipated Financial Aid, and/or waivers, divided by three. 

Remember, additional eligible student charges or payments may occur after initial approval/enrollment into the payment plan. These changes may change your monthly installment amounts.  Contact the business office to get new total.
You can review your Campus Connection account (Campus Connection > Financial Account > Charges Due) for details about your student charges and your monthly installment amounts.
Charges accrued after the payment plan enrollment period ends will not be added to the payment plan balance and must be paid by the due date of the charge or it will be eligible for late fees and holds.
Information regarding the payment plan will be sent to the student's campus email account. Please be sure to check your campus email account on a regular basis. Notifications will NOT be sent to parents or Authorized Users.


How do I make my installment payments?

In order to maintain enrollment in the Payment Plan, students will need to pay their monthly installment on or prior to the designated due date each semester.
An email reminder will be sent to the student’s campus email one week prior to each Installment Due Date. Students can view their installment amounts in Campus Connection.
If any installment payment is returned, due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), Account Closed or Account not Found, you will receive notification, and will be assessed a $25 returned payment fee. Returned payment fees are subject to change in future academic years or semesters.
Payment plan balances more than 5 days past due will result in the immediate cancellation of the payment plan. Upon cancellation, the remaining balance is due immediately, and the monthly late payment fee of 1.75% will be applied to all charges more than 30 days past due.

Installment payments can be made through any of the following options, but payments must be received by the designated installment due date:
Electronic check payments or VISA, MasterCard, or Discover, credit card payments may be processed online via Campus Connection.
1. Log into your Campus Connection account.
2. Click on Financial Account > Pay Online Now.  (You will click Pay Online Now twice)
3. Your student account balance screen will appear so click on Make Payment.
4. You will see options to pay current balance, amount due or pay by term. You can select any of these and then enter the amount you would like to pay in the empty box listed to the right of your selection.
MAIL Check Payments to:
Dakota College at Bottineau
Business Office
105 Simrall BLVD
Bottineau, ND 58318
Cash, check, credit/debit card payments can be made in person at:
Dakota College at Bottineau
Thatcher Hall
Business Office


Who should I contact if I have questions regarding the payment plan?

DCB Business Office - 701-228-5430


How do I sign up for a payment plan?

Fill out the form on this page.


The Payment Plan Enrollment is Closed for Fall 2022 Semester