Gainful Employment

Gainful employment provides students and consumers with the information they need to make good education choices. Providing an eligible program of training to prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation is one of the criteria an institution must meet to qualify to award federal financial aid in postsecondary vocational education.

Gainful employment information such as program costs, placement rates, graduation rates, and median loan debt are provided for the certificate programs Dakota College at Bottineau offers.

Placement Calculation Process

To calculate placement rate all students that have graduated from Dakota College at Bottineau from the prior academic year in programs with required calculation rates are contacted. Graduates are considered successful if they are employed in a job that is pertinent to the area they graduated or are continuing their education. Graduates are considered unsuccessfully placedĀ if they are unemployed or employed in a job that is unrelated to the area they graduated.