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Heart of America Medical Center - Rugby

North American Coal

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Looking for in-depth career information and guidance?, a non-commercial organization, provides detailed insight into 45 of today's most popular career fields, including accounting, engineering, medical assisting, nursing, firefighting, financial advising and teaching. 

Each career has its own customized "how-to" guide, which starts by addressing important questions such as 'What does a medical assistant do'? and 'What skills are needed to succeed'? The guide then dissects each of the educational and professional steps needed to enter the field, including coursework in high school, a college degree, on-the-job training, apprenticeships, and professional exams and certifications.

For those interested in the bigger picture, each how-to guide also includes resources and tools specific to the career in focus:

  • A directory of campus and online programs related to the career
  • A tool comparing salaries in the profession across the U.S.
  • Salaries of closely related careers
  • Job growth information and data
  • Professional resources

You can view our home page and explore our industry and career pages here:

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