Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook 37 August 2023 Section III STAFF CHAPTER I ~ STAFF POLICIES & PROCEDURES 1. Benefits Details are available in a Summary of Benefits for DCB Benefited Staff located on the website on the Faculty and Staff quick link. 2. Pool Position Employment Employees hired to work pool positions cannot average more than 19.5 hours per week during a month. Supervisors have the responsibility to ensure that the employee does not exceed this monthly average. It is important to pay special attention as pay periods may begin and end mid-week. Supervisors should monitor the hours worked on a weekly basis. This will make it easier to make the necessary adjustments during the succeeding week to keep the weekly average for the month at no more than 19.5 hours. It is permissible that pool position employees can average, for limited duration, more than 19.5 hours per week for a month. Temporary needs for additional hours such as a special project or seasonal workload can cause the monthly hours to exceed the 19.5 weekly average. However, additional hours cannot occur during more than 5 months in any 12-month period. In other words, supervisors must review the hours worked by month for the past 11 months before deciding to have the employee work additional hours during the current month. Keep in mind that any month that exceeds the weekly average of 19.5 counts toward the five-month limit. The reason for the 19.5 hour per week limitation is to comply with state law governing temporary staff employment and employee benefits. 3. Probationary Employee Salary Adjustments DCB grants probationary employees who don’t meet the six-month employment minimum a pro-rated adjustment based on months of service prior to the end of the fiscal year, as follows: Salary adjustments are not automatic. They are at the discretion of the employee’s supervisor and must be triggered by the supervisor. Months of Service Adjustment 7+ Non-probationary status 6+ 6/12 of across-the-board adjustment & consideration for market merit 5+ 5/12 4+ 4/12 3+ 3/12 2+ 2/12 1+ 1/12