DCB catalog 2022-24

Career/Technical Curricula 87 Aquaponics Production and Management: Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture, the production of marine and freshwater aquatic plants and animals, and hydroponics, the science of growing plants in water or a media other than soil. The Aquaponics Production and Management program prepares students for career opportunities in aquaponics, aquaculture, and greenhouse production. The program will provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to build, operate and manage an aquaponics system. Specialty Crop Production: The Specialty Crop Program at Dakota College at Bottineau provides instructional and hands-on learning in the production, harvesting, marketing, and use of specialty crops. Specialty crops include edible fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Students learn about production of food crops grown in the field and high tunnel operations, production of a safe and sustainable food supply, integrated pest management, and good agricultural practices. Horticulture AAS FRESHMAN YEAR FALL SPRING SOPHOMORE YEAR FALL SPRING CSCI 101 Intro to Computers 3 HORT 151 Intro Plants 1 Or CSCI 289 Social Implication of Tech and Pests (online) PLSC 210 Horticulture Science 4 PLSC 110 World Food Crops 3 UNIV 101 Ldrshp through Service 1 SOIL 210 Introduction to Fine Arts/Hum/Social Sci Elective 3 Soil Science (online) 3 Math Elective 3 HORT or PLSC Electives 5 Wellness Elective .5 Co-op Education or Practicum 2 AGEC 141 Intro to Agribusiness Mgmt 3 Math/Science/Tech Elective 3 HORT 249 Greenhouse Operations 4 PLSC 268 Plant Propagation 2 HORT or PLSC Electives 5 Internship or Practicum 2 Internship or Practicum 2 BUSN or BADM Elective 3 Communication Elective 3 Electives 6 Math/Science/Technology Elective 3 Wellness Electives .5 Electives can be from the following: AGRI, AGEC, ENVT, FORS, PLSC Consult with program advisor for electives. Horticulture (Certificate) FALL SPRING PLSC 210 Horticulture Science 4 Internship or Practicum 3 Internship or Practicum 2 HORT or PLSC Electives 10 Electives 5 Consult with program advisor for electives.