DCB catalog 2022-24

4 Equal Opportunity Dakota College is fully committed to equal opportunity in employment decisions and educational programs and activities, in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws for all individuals without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status or veterans’ status. Inquiries concerning compliance may be directed to the College’s Equal Opportunity Officer (Vonda Berg, Thatcher Hall, 701- 228-5409) or the Office of Civil Rights, U.S Department of Education, John C. Kluczynski Federal Building, 230 S. Dearborn Street, 37th Floor; Chicago, IL 60604, Telephone: 312-730- 1560, fax (312) 750-1576 or OCR.Chicago@ed.gov. Student inquiries concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act may contact Erika Hamilton, Disability & Accessibility Services, located in the Library in Thatcher Hall, 701-228-5425. Title IX Compliance Title IX policy is required by federal law (Title IX, Education Amendments of 1972) and implementation of this policy is guided by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights. In accordance with Title IX, Dakota College does not discriminate based on sex or gender identity in educational program and activities. Sexual misconduct and discrimination are prohibited in all forms, regardless of intent to harm. This includes sexual violence, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, coercion, and sexual harassment. All of these are examples of sexual discrimination and sexual misconduct, and all are prohibited. Also prohibited under Title IX is any rule violated on the basis of the recipient’s sex/gender which is severe enough to cause a discriminatory effect. (Examples of this may include but are not limited to bullying, cyber-bullying, relationship violence, and stalking.)