DCB catalog 2020-22

122 Course Descriptions CAREER STUDIES (CARS) CARS 102 Career Exploration (2CR) Fall, Spring: Pre: None The student will learn to conceptualize how the ‘world of work’ is related to them. The student will also gain knowledge about their chosen area of interest by utilizing self- assessment, informational interviews, and market research. CARS 105 Job Search (1CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: None This course will teach students a variety of job search techniques with emphasis on the most effective ways to find post-graduation employment. Areas covered include developing resumes and cover letters, completing job application forms and job interviewing. Students will leave the course with a working professional portfolio. CHEMISTRY (CHEM) CHEM 115 Introductory Chemistry (4CR) Fall; Pre/Co: ASC 93 The topics covered will be measurement, ionic and covalent compounds, chemical calculations, state of matter, energy, solutions, reactions, and chemical bonding. This course is designed for non-science major and students in the nursing programs. CHEM 116 Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry (4CR) Spring; Pre: CHEM 115 or CHEM 121 The topics covered will be properties and reactions of basic hydrocarbons, the fundamental groups derived from them, and major biochemical compounds necessary for living organisms. CHEM 121 General Chemistry I (4CR) Fall; Pre/Co: Math 103 or Appropriate Math Placement Test Score The topics covered will be matter, measurement, atoms, ions, molecules, reactions, stoichiometry, thermos-chemistry, bonding, molecular geometry, periodicity, and gases. CHEM 122 General Chemistry II (4CR) Spring; Pre: CHEM 121 and MATH 103 The topics covered will be intermolecular forces, liquids, solids, kinetics, equilibrium, acids and bases, solution chemistry, precipitation, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry. CHEM 241 Organic Chemistry I (5CR) Fall; Pre: CHEM 116 and CHEM 122 The topics covered will be the descriptive and mechanistic chemistry of carbon containing compounds — their occurrence, properties, nomenclature, stereochemistry, structure, synthesis, and reactions. CHEM 242 Organic Chemistry II (5CR) Spring; Pre: CHEM 241 The topics covered will be descriptive and mechanistic chemistry of functionalized derivatives of carbon containing compounds. COMMUNICATION (COMM) COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: None The theory and practice of public speaking with emphasis on content, organization, language, delivery, and critical evaluation of messages. COMM 212 Interpersonal Communication (3CR) Spring; Pre: None This course introduces fundamental concepts of communication before individuals explore aspects of self-expression and relationship communication.