DCB catalog 2020-22

Course Descriptions 117 included. An emphasis on AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity) style and format is included. AH 231 Healthcare Law and Ethics (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: None This course will cover laws pertaining to health care (confidentiality, patient rights, HIPPA regulations) as well as common ethical problems that are encountered and how these problems are handled. AH 257 ECG/EKG Interpretation (2CR) Spring; Pre/Co: AH 136, AH 266 Spring 2022 This course is designed for students who want to learn the basic ECG skills of measuring, recognizing, and interpreting simple cardiac rhythms. Topics include correct leas placement, troubleshooting poor tracings, recognition, and measurement of various EKG waves. AH 258 Practical Skills Lab (2CR) Spring; Pre/Co: AH 134, AH 171 Spring 2022 Students will see, practice, and perform demonstrations of basic medical assistant skills and procedures in a supervised setting. Includes the study of math and medical terminology and use of the medical assisting process and critical thinking skills to organize and provide safe and effective client care under the direct supervision of a licensed professional. AH 259 CCMA Exam Prep (1CR) Spring; Pre/Co: AH 134, AH 171 Spring 2022 This course is designed to aid the student in studying for a medical assisting credentialing exam. It is focused on all the general, administrative, and clinical topis from the medical assisting curriculum. AH 266 Laboratory Tests & Diagnostic Procedures (2CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: AH 171, 134 This course teaches basic laboratory studies, normal and abnormal values, lab studies specific to body systems and basic diagnostic procedures. AH 287 Computer Applications in Health Care (3CR) Fall, Spring; Pre: AH 171 This course is designed to be a practical, hands-on introduction to the electronic health record (EHR). Students will learn to become proficient in the EHR software before they encounter it in their workplace. The student will gain a thorough knowledge of both the terminology of the EHR systems and the practical uses of similar systems in a healthcare setting. ANIMAL SCIENCE (ANSC) ANSC 114 Introduction to Animal Science (3CR) Fall; Pre: None An introduction to the general fundamentals of livestock management and industry practices in food/farm animal production. Classroom lecture is to be complimented by the accompanying labs, which will provide hands on tours of livestock operations to enhance student knowledge of livestock production. ANSC 160 Equine Nutrition (2CR) Fall; Pre: None This course focuses on basic equine nutrition throughout the various stages of equine development and performance. These concepts will be integrated with a practical application of equine feeding.