DCB catalog 2020-22

117 Environmental Technology – Natural Resource Management (AAS) This program prepares students to perform tasks associated with managing, improving and protecting natural resources for economic and/or recreational purposes. Program completers may assist in data collection and inventories of natural resources, providing conservation recommendations to managers, and developing and implementing natural resource management plans. FRESHMAN YEAR FALL SPRING SOPHOMORE YEAR FALL SPRING CSCI 101 Intro to Computers 3 CHEM 121 General Chemistry I 4 FWLD 121 Intro to Fish and Wildlife 3 OR CHEM 115 Introductory Chemistry ENGL 110 College Composition I 3 ENVT 270 Water Resource Management 3 OR COMM 110 Fund of Public Speaking SOIL 210 Introduction to Soil Science 3 Math Elective 3-4 RNG 236 Intro to Range Management 4 BIOL 150 General Biology I 4 Wellness Elective 1 ENVT 110 Intro to GPS 2 BOT 212 Botany II 4 FWLD 122 Wildlife and Fisheries Tech 3 BIOL 124 Environmental Science 4 GEOL 105 Physical Geology 4 FORS 263 Urban Forestry Management 3 Arts/Humanities/Social Science Elective 3 BADM 202 Principles of Management 3 BIOL 151 General Biology II 4 ENVT 296 Capstone 1 ENVT 105 Surveying 1 ENVT 297 Cooperative Education 2 Recreation Management (AAS) THIS PROGRAM IS ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE. The Recreation Management program prepares students for employment in a wide variety of recreation and leisure settings. Students in the program may simultaneously or concur- rently take classes from multiple campuses within the North Dakota University System. The program is organized around core courses that emphasize administration, program planning, and an understanding of the foundation of recreation. Students must complete all the core courses. In addition, students need to select one of the following focuses: Outdoor Recreation/Park Management or Commercial Recreation/Tourism. CORE COURSES CORE COURSES BIOL 124 Environmental Science 4 SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology 3 ENGL 110 College Composition I 3 OR PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology OR COMM 110 Fund of Public Speaking RLS 110 Foundations of Recreation 3 CSCI 101 Intro to Computers 3 RLS 222 Recreation Program Planning 3 HPER 100 Concepts of Wellness/Fitness 2 RLS 286 Recreation Administration 3 Math Electives 3-4 RLS 215 Recreation Areas & Facilities 3 RLS 288 Accessibility and Public Policy 3 Career/Technical Curricula