DCB catalog 2018-2020

82 Accounting Technology (AAS) This program is offered online. Thismajorprepares studentsto provide technical administrative support to professional accountants and other financial management personnel. Instructional components include posting transactions to accounts, record-keeping systems,accounting software operations, and general accounting principles and practices. This program offers specialized studyin preparation to become acertified bookkeeper and become amember of The American Institute of ProfessionalBookkeepers. FRESHMAN YEAR FALL SPRING SOPHOMORE YEAR FALL SPRING ACCT 200 Elements of Accounting I 3 COMM 110 Fund. of Public Speaking 3 BOTE 152 Keyboarding II 3 BOTE 217 Records Management 3 BOTE 108 Business Math 3 CIS 104 Microcomputer Database 3 ENGL 110 College Composition I 3 ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics 3 CSCI 101 Intro to Computers 3 Business Elective 3 Business or Technology Elective 3 ACCT 215 Business in the Legal Environment 3 ACCT 201 Elements of Accounting II 3 HPER100Concepts of Wellness/Fitness 2 BOTE 147 Word Processing 3 ACCT 294 Independent Study: BOTE 247 Spreadsheet Applications 3 Certified Bookkeeper Professional BOTE 210 Business Communications 3 Exam Prep 3 ACCT 260 Accounting Info Systems 2 ACCT 297 Co-op Education 2 ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics 3 BOTE 209 Office Management 3 CARS 105 Job Search 1 UNIV XXX Leadership through Service 1 General Office Aide (Certificate of Completion) This program is offered online. Students whocomplete the Certificate ofCompletion inGeneral Office Aide could immediately enter the workforce or continue towards a diploma program and/or Associate of Applied Science degree. CSCI101 Introduction toComputers 3 credits BOTE 217 Records Management 3 credits CooperativeEducation 1-2 credits