DCB catalog 2018-2020

11 Institutional Mission Dakota College at Bottineau provides students with a quality education in a caring environment. The institution values diversity and personal enrichment by promoting engaged learning for employment and university transfer. With the help of a supportive community, Dakota College at Bottineau emphasizes nature and technology to accomplish its mission through an array of curricula, programs, and services. • Liberal arts education provides students the knowledge and tools to continue their education, to serve as goodstewards ofthe environment, and to functionas responsible citizens. • Career/technical educationprovidesstudentswiththeknowledge andskillsrequired to succeed by utilizing natural, human, and technological resources. • Distance delivery provides students increased accessto education and career opportunities. • Community education provides diverse life-long learning experiences. • Support services provide opportunities for individual growth and success. • Campus activities provide for interpersonal development. • Campus outreach provides area schools and groups access to college resources. • Workforce traininganddevelopment provides the human resources foreconomic development. • All programs provide a greater understanding of human diversity. Dakota College at Bottineau’s curricula, programs, and services take students beyond nature and technology and leave them with an ethic of concern and care for the natural world. Vision “Dakota College at Bottineau is rooted in the past and grows towards the future by combining the best from the Past, Present, and Future to provide students with innovative educational opportunities. The campus will emphasize a knowledge and appreciation of Nature , implement a rapidly changing Technology , and prepare students to go Beyond and improve the quality of life.” Core Values • Student Centered: Dakota College at Bottineau values students, considers their needs and interests, andmakes sincere efforts to respond positivelyto those needsand interests. • Excellence: DakotaCollege at Bottineau communitymembers takepride in their work and strive for academic and professional excellence. • Learning: DakotaCollege atBottineau valuesinnovation andquality asit serves the learning needs of its various constituencies. • Respect and Responsibility : Dakota College at Bottineau acknowledges, understands, and supports the rights of others to express their ideas. Individual responsibility is integral to civil discourse, which enables meaningful learning experiences and informed decisions. • Diversity : Dakota College at Bottineau supports and embraces diversity, which enriches the quality of the learning experience.