Alumni Association

The Alumni Association raises funds to distribute to returning students at Dakota College at Bottineau each year. The association holds events and sponsors programs throughout the year to support student scholarships and recruiting. Hundreds of alumni contribute to the association to ensure these students receive the scholarships dollars they deserve.

Over $15,000 is awarded to second year students each academic school year based upon their academic achievement, need or other criteria. To apply for an Alumni Scholarship, click here.

If you're grateful for the education you received at Dakota College at Bottineau and are looking for a way to give back simply contact Leslie Stevens, Foundation Director at 701-228-5613 or download the Alumni Membership Contribution Form and get started today!

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Alumni Officers

President: Vonda Berg
Vice President: Jessica Tagestad
Treasurer: Luann Soland

Foundation Director: Leslie Stevens

Board Members: Kayla O’Toole, Heidi Hauf, Angie Bartholomay, Rhonda Langehaug, Janeen Pollman, Michelle Davis